Trust God and Lose Weight

May 19, 2021

Last week’s I wrote about the MOST important thing I think most Christian women are lacking:


You can find that post here.  You don’t have to read that post before reading this one, but it will help.

And, if you've been wondering how in the world you are you going to increase your self-confidence, I’ve got you. That’s what we are covering today and the next couple of weeks.

The hope is to start building your self-confidence muscle so you can show up as your true self, the one God created.


Let’s dive in.


Building self-confidence is all about BUILDING TRUST.

Trusting yourself is a vital piece of self-confidence.

But to do that, you need to build your trust in God first.


Do you believe that God is the ultimate, perfect creator?

At the same time, do you believe that you’re not good enough?

How do those two work together?

If God made you, then he made you perfect for your place in this...

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What Christian Women Need the Most to Lose Weight

May 13, 2021

I use to be jealous of a particular “breed” of girls.

These girls aren’t usually what others would call the “prettiest” or even the “smartest”.


The girls that I was jealous of were the ones that could get ANYONE talking and made everyone feel included.  The ones that would stand up in front of a group and give a quick talk and would skip the part where their hands shake and voice cracks.  The ones that could hop out on the dance floor and have the time of their life WITHOUT any liquid courage.

You know those girls, right?

The ones with…


Have you ever longed for self-confidence? 

There are so many misconceptions about self-confidence that I’d like to clear some up. 

What is self-confidence?

It’s the state of being secure in yourself and your abilities.

Put it in the Christian perspective; it’s the state of...

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Simplicity Weight Loss

May 05, 2021

I think Jesus loved simple.

This is just my thought, but there is some evidence to back this.

But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. 2 Corinthians 11:3 KJV

Paul writes about how the gospel is simple, easy and it’s the enemy that makes it hard, complicated.

Also, Jesus condenses all the laws and commandments into TWO! (Matthew 22: 37-40)

 “For God is not a God of confusion but of peace.” 1 Corinthians 14:33e 


So why do we get caught up in the confusion of complicating things?


The enemy KNOWS it trips us up.


What does this have to do with weight loss? 



The majority of my time is spent simplifying things for my clients.

They (like I used to be) are so resistant to letting go and embracing the simpler way!


But, really ponder on this question… How can simple living be a benefit?


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Skepticism Won't Help You Lose Weight

Apr 29, 2021

Skepticism is NOT rational thinking.

It’s doubt.

And it’s limiting what God can do through you and in you.


You don’t think you can lose weight and keep it off because you’ve never been able to do it in the past.


That is doubting God’s ability and distrusting yourself.


Who do you spend the most time with?

God and yourself.

Do you really want to spend the majority of your time doubting and distrusting who you spend the most time with?


Look what happens when you do this.  

You become overweight, unhappy, anxious and feeling out of control.


But Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

I can do ALL things through him who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13 (emphasis mine)


If God put the desire on your heart to lose weight and care for that temple, he’s already given you the way to do it.

Cut the skepticism.


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Rejoicing to Lose Weight

Apr 22, 2021

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18


How about a little rejoicing today? 

How about every day?


If you rejoiced every day how different would your life look like?

How would you show up in this world differently?


How would you eat differently?


I just wrapped up another challenge last week.  It was an AMAZING 10-day journey with so many women.

There is so much to rejoice in and give thanks to God about.

Let me share a few with you:

My mindset has changed, and I have lost 4.2 pounds. Yeah me! ~RS

So much to celebrate from the past 9 days. I feel such an emotional/mental shift in my perspective toward food. I know this is going to take more work moving forward but I am thanking God for sending this information and Amanda into my life! And hey, 4-5 pound weight drop is a lot to celebrate too!!!!  ~DS

I have enjoyed this so...

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What If Weight Loss Is Easier Than You Think?

Apr 12, 2021

“I wish weight loss wasn’t so hard!”

Have you ever whined this to yourself or others?

I know I have.


What if weight loss is easier than you think?

What if you’re just the one making it hard?

I recently wrapped up one of my weight loss group programs.  I asked everyone what their biggest insights or shift were in the program.

My one client, who lost 11 pounds said, “I realized weight loss isn’t that hard.”

This was a turning point for her.  That’s when she started leaning into it instead of fighting against it.

So how about you?

What if weight loss isn’t hard?

What if it was possible that it could actually be FUN?

What could be possible?

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22


My mission is to show women that weight loss is actually EASIER than they think.  Heck, it can even be fun a lot of the time! 

When it feels fun or even doable, that's...

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How to Eat the Brownie

Apr 05, 2021

In last week’s blog post I told you how to NOT eat the brownie.

But what if you want to have a brownie sometimes?

Guess what?!

You can.

And you can still lose weight!


I and my clients still eat "brownies" (or "unhealthy" food).


Here is how you do it…

Make the choice confidently and stay present when eating it.

That’s it.


Here’s why these are the two most important things.

If you DECIDE or CHOOSE the brownie with conscious decision making (not just out of habitual desire or because someone made you them) you will feel good about eating it.

When you feel good about eating the brownie you will have no guilt or regret which just leads to more eating.


And, if you are present, enjoying every bite, one brownie will be enough.  You’ll be able to listen to your body's cues of fullness and be able to stop.

NOT BECAUSE YOU SHOULD OR YOUR NEED TO STOP, but because you WANT TO.  Because you’ve had enough.



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How to NOT Eat a Brownie

Mar 29, 2021

We all have those foods. 

Those ones we can’t say no to.

Gooey, Girhadelli brownies are one of mine.  Those and chips and salsa.

But substitute whatever tempts you the most.


I want to tell you how to say “NO” to the brownies (insert your food) and still feel REALLY GOOD!

No deprivation.

Deprivation feels icky.  And when you feel icky, what do you do…


You eat to make yourself feel better.  Even if it’s only for a moment.


Mustering up a “no” to a brownie only to turn around and shovel down 6 cookies IS NOT HELPFUL.

I want to teach you how to say “NO” to the brownie and feel really great doing it so YOU DON’T BINGE later.


Here is one hint first:

It’s not really saying “no”.

Here is why you can’t just say “no” to your favorite food…

You’ll want to rebel.

Yep.  You’ll want to say to yourself, “Forget you, (insert...

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Remind Yourself You Care

Mar 22, 2021

“I don’t care!”

I mean it.

I don’t care...


How does that make you FEEL if you imagine me saying this to your face?

“I don’t care.”

I mean it.  Close your eyes and imagine someone close to you saying, “I don’t care.”


Wow.  Kind of sad, miserable, dejected, inconsequential…

What do you make it mean?

  • That you aren’t cared about?
  • That you’re not important?
  • That you don’t matter?


That’s what comes up for me.


Now think back at how many times you’ve said to yourself, “I don’t care.”

“I don’t care. I’m going to eat the pizza anyway.”
“I don’t care. It’s only for today.”
“I don’t care. My plan isn’t a big deal.”


I don’t care…

What are you making it mean when you say this to yourself?

  • I don’t care about this body.
  • What feels good right now is...
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My Eating is Out of Control

Mar 15, 2021

An empty box of cheez-its sits alongside an empty bag of kettle chips.

Before polishing those off, I had 4 Oreos.

Before that I had tried to eat something healthier… a few carrots.

But the carrots weren’t cutting it. That’s why I moved on.

Now I was standing in front of the pantry looking for my next container of junk food to finish off.

“I can’t control this.  I have to eat more.  I can’t stop myself.”


If you’ve ever been in this spot, my heart aches.  I know how miserable it feels. You’re right.  It FEELS very out of control.

That’s because the enemy has you believing you can’t control what you’re going to do next.


Satan is such a good deceiver.  He keeps things hidden for his own advantage by using half-truths.

 The truth is… you can’t control A LOT of things.  You don’t have control over your circumstance or other people.  The weather,...

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