Do you want to put God first in your weight loss journey?

I'm guessing you have a deep desire to want to care for your body, not only for looks but so that it feels good and functions well too.

But maybe you feel powerless around certain foods and thus overeat making you wonder if it's even possible to feel good in this temple.


I know from personal and client experiences that you can turn that desire into reality by turning the powerlessness into strength...

All by walking closely with God on your weight loss journey.

Here are a couple of powerful truths: all things are possible through the strength of Christ (Philippians 4:13) and God wants good for your life and your body (Hebrews 13:21)!

This devotional will help you live into these promises and renew your MIND.

It's just the beginning to:

  • start reclaiming self-control over tempting foods 
  • eat less, thus lose weight
  • create more confidence in who God created you to be

Are you ready to claim all of this for yourself? 

Weight Loss with God 7-Day Devotional

Start living out God's plan for your life and temple TODAY!

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