What Christian Women Need the Most to Lose Weight

Uncategorized May 13, 2021

I use to be jealous of a particular “breed” of girls.

These girls aren’t usually what others would call the “prettiest” or even the “smartest”.


The girls that I was jealous of were the ones that could get ANYONE talking and made everyone feel included.  The ones that would stand up in front of a group and give a quick talk and would skip the part where their hands shake and voice cracks.  The ones that could hop out on the dance floor and have the time of their life WITHOUT any liquid courage.

You know those girls, right?

The ones with…


Have you ever longed for self-confidence? 

There are so many misconceptions about self-confidence that I’d like to clear some up. 

What is self-confidence?

It’s the state of being secure in yourself and your abilities.

Put it in the Christian perspective; it’s the state of being secure in who God made you and your God-given abilities.

If you look at it from the Christian perspective... 

it’s trusting God and His creation.

Interesting, right?

Trusting what God = self-confidence


What isn’t self-confidence?

It’s not self-absorption.  Someone that is self-absorbed only thinks only of themselves because they don’t trust what God made.  Most of the time they are too worried about fixing His creation into some sort of perfectionistic ideal.

It’s not arrogance.  Arrogance is thinking you are better or greater than someone else.  A self-confident person recognizes that God made them amazing but ALSO everyone around them.  All of what God made is worthy and has a plan but arrogance wouldn’t recognize this.


There is a big problem in the female Christian community that I want to bring your attention to because I see it all the time.

Christian women don’t know how to be self-confident.  I would even venture to say they FEAR it.

They have good reasons to fear it.

The word confidence has been tied to selfishness, conceit, and pride. Some people in the church even frown upon, gossip, and judge women with confidence.  A woman might even be told, “You need to show more humility.”

But humility and self-confidence are not exclusive.  At their core, their inclusive of each other.

True self-confidence is not selfishness, conceit, pride, or a lack of humility.  

That is Satan talking. The enemy has been twisting confidence and succeeding at destroying it for so many Christian women.


Why would Satan go to all this work of breaking down self-confidence?

Well, look at the benefits of self-confidence.

  • Trusting God
  • Trusting yourself
  • Trusting your abilities
  • Letting God work through you from those abilities
  • Recognizing everyone else’s worth and abilities
  • Living out God plan for your life

As you can see, this is very threatening for the enemy.

Of course, he will do what he could to attack it.


So, over the next couple of weeks, I will be breaking down how to build self-confidence and what that could mean for your life and your waistline.

I pray that you continue to come back and really work on your self-confidence.  It is one of the greatest gifts that you could give others, God, and…


Blessings friend!


P.S. Creating LASTING weight loss through self-control has EVERYTHING to do with trusting God, yourself, and your abilities. 

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