What I would really love

you to know about me is...

I'm just like you. 

I'm just trying to figure out how to keep my family and me healthy, happy and thriving.


I'm Amanda, if you haven't guessed.

I'm a wife, mother to three, coach, RN and an excited Jesus Christ believer. 

I help women who are struggling with weight loss and the busyness of life. My coaching helps them ditch the weight for good and change their mindset so they can thrive in life. The tools I teach support them to bring the joy, energy and fun back into their lives.

If you’re wondering how and why I became a coach, I’ll try to sum it up quick.

I struggled with weight and body issues as far back as I can remember. Having kids didn’t help the situation. On top of feeling miserable in my skin, I now had three kids that required my attention and the best version of myself. I felt like I was drowning in the weight of my guilt, the struggles of everyday life and the fear I was screwing up my children’s lives.

When you don’t feel good about who God made you, it is really tough to teach your kids to feel good about who God made them.

The real problem was I didn’t know how to manage my mindset.

So after some serious prompting by the Holy Spirit, I finally started to take some action. Life started to change. Not just my weight but my everyday happiness and joy.

Life wasn’t such an overwhelming struggle anymore.

The tools I've gained in overcoming my struggles and conquering my body issues are now what I use with my clients. As a certified Health and Life Coach, along with my nursing experience, I found a way give back the blessings God has so graciously bestowed to me.

Now, my life looks drastically different from three years ago.

When I’m not busy coaching and encouraging, you will find me at home with my kiddos and husband playing games or snuggling together. My favorite thing to do is to cozy up and read the Bible or a good book because growing and learning is key to moving forward. I search out ways to stretch myself by accomplishing outrageous activities with my friends (have any of you heard of a Ragnar?). I love to let my creative juices flow by finding fresh new ways to organize, de-clutter or decorate my house.

As a side note, I also find it fun to try new recipes that my kids won’t eat... but, at least my husband pretends he likes them ;)

Now, most of my joy comes from coaching.

Through my support, accountability and structure, women are changing their lives and thriving.

What’s better than that?

Are you ready to thrive?


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