Trust God and Lose Weight

Uncategorized May 19, 2021

Last week’s I wrote about the MOST important thing I think most Christian women are lacking:


You can find that post here.  You don’t have to read that post before reading this one, but it will help.

And, if you've been wondering how in the world you are you going to increase your self-confidence, I’ve got you. That’s what we are covering today and the next couple of weeks.

The hope is to start building your self-confidence muscle so you can show up as your true self, the one God created.


Let’s dive in.


Building self-confidence is all about BUILDING TRUST.

Trusting yourself is a vital piece of self-confidence.

But to do that, you need to build your trust in God first.


Do you believe that God is the ultimate, perfect creator?

At the same time, do you believe that you’re not good enough?

How do those two work together?

If God made you, then he made you perfect for your place in this world. Since God is the perfect creator, that means you are good enough to do exactly what you were placed on this earth to do. 

And you have the Spirit OF GOD inside of you, don't you?

Do you believe that the Spirit is complete, whole, powerful, and giving?

That means you have everything you need inside of you.

How can you be God’s creation with the Spirit inside of you and not be good enough?


Are you certain that God has good plans for you?

Also, do you often think that life is a mess and nothing goes your way?

How do those lineup?


Lastly, do you believe that you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you (Philippians 4:13)?

But, in the next breath do you say that you’ll never lose weight and that it’s all too hard?


A lot to think about huh? 

It's just one contradiction after another…


Here is my point, how you can will you ever trust yourself to follow through and care for your temple if you don’t trust God first?

There is a real problem when every contradiction to God’s word that you believe whittles away your trust in Him.


Self-confidence = Trusting God


Think about this a moment. 

If you truly believe God’s got this, and there is no problem you can’t handle with Him, how confident would YOU feel?



The question to really explore if you want to build your self-confidence is,

"Where am I not trusting God?"

Look at all the areas like food, your body, your time, your health, your future, and so on...

Because changing your relationship with Him will change EVERYTHING.



If you want to dig deep, build this trust with God, yourself, and thus lose weight, sign up for a Discovery Call.  Get clear if you’re ready to dramatically shift how you think and feel on a journey to lasting weight loss.


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