Does Weight Loss Have to be Hard?

Nov 16, 2020

**This is one devotional day from Honoring Your Temple Through the Holiday Challenge. The challenge includes 21 days of devotionals, weekly focused challenges, and coaching zoom calls. YOU can join the challenge HERE if you’re interested in losing 5 pounds DURING the holidays!


“The Easiest Way to Lose That Stubborn Belly Fat!”

“Lose 5lbs Overnight!”

“10 ‘No Work’ Workouts”

We’ve all seen these types of headlines trying to lure us into the quick and painless.

Unless you’re the type of person that forgets about food, about eating, or about how much your body is working hard… weight loss probably won’t be “easy”.


The question is, does it have to be hard?


I had a client that wanted to get into a routine of eating a shake every day for lunch. The problem was, she hated shakes. Everything about them: yet, each day, she would blend one up, hoping she could “just...

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Discomfort is Good?

Nov 09, 2020

**This is one devotional day from Honoring Your Temple Through the Holiday Challenge. The challenge includes 21 days of devotionals, weekly focused challenges, and coaching zoom calls. YOU can join the challenge HERE if you're interested in losing 5 pounds DURING the holidays!


I am a rotten pregnant momma! I mean it.

It was the most uncomfortable 27 months (9 mo. X 3 kiddos) of my life. That's the excuse I use.

Unfortunately, it's not a good excuse.


Because discomfort is part of the deal of having the beautiful gift of children. If it's not while you are pregnant, it's during the birth. If it's not the birth, it breastfeeding. If it's not breastfeeding, it's toddler temper tantrums…

You get my drift. 

Parenting is a lot of discomfort at every stage.


Here is what I learned from discomfort; my most amazing, incredible, beautiful gifts having come after discomfort.


Obviously, my kids are an example. But think about all others like college...

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The Consequences of Saying, "I'm Fat!"

Nov 02, 2020

"I'm fat."

That's what my five-year-old blurted after dressing up in full snow gear for the first time of the season.

"You are not fat! You have fat, you eat fat, but people are not fat! You can feel fat, but you should never call yourself or anyone else fat."

That's what came out of my mouth before I even realized it.

My son followed up with the age-old, "Why?"


I didn't answer him right away.  I'm so glad he asked me this question!  It really made me start to think...

Why shouldn't people call themselves fat?

 ***(I'm not going to dive into why we shouldn't call other people fat here.  I think we can all agree that is just malicious). 


Well, let's start with what people are trying to convey when they tell themselves, "I'm fat". 

I think they are trying to express an emotion, a feeling.


Think about the example of saying, "I'm sad."

You aren't the emotion sad.

You feel sad.

There is a big difference. Stick with...

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Losing Weight Doesn't Have to Be as Miserable as Halloween

Oct 26, 2020

** This post was originally published in 2019.  I brought it back due to the popularity and the good reminders ;) 


Halloween is not a holiday.

I may ruffle some feathers today. Ultimately though, this post IS NOT about Halloween, so stick with me. 


We haven't celebrated Halloween at our house for years. My kids don't dress up. They don't go trick or treating. We don't have creepy decorations. And we DO NOT watch scary movies. 

We DO have a family fun night on the 31st, though. (So don't worry, my kids are not deprived)

And, none of this is because I stand on some morally high ground and oppose the "holiday". 

(Side note: I don't understand why we call this a holiday. Holidays shouldn't include ghosts, scary monsters, and skeletons. Plus, I know most of you have never seen a dead body with its structure coming out. Because if you did, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to use it as decoration….just speaking from...

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How to be Victorious in Losing Weight for the Last Time

Oct 19, 2020

I have an awful weed spreading furiously over the rock landscaping around our house.

The rock has landscape fabric underneath so there can’t be that much dirt between the stones for this weed to get a hold of. 

Really, it should be a piece of cake to pull out.

But it’s not.

The roots aren’t that impressive, but every time I try to pull it by the leaves, they tear off, leaving the root behind and allow the plant to keep spreading.

It drives me NUTS!

Yes, I can tear off all the leaves and make the rocks look nicer for about two days, but after that, the weed is back AND with a vengeance.


This weed is a lot like weight loss.

Sure, we can lose weight. 

We look better for a short time. 


Then we fall back into old patterns and habits. Pretty soon, the weight we lost (and usually more) is back. Along with the weight, our commitment, our resolve, or our belief in God’s good plan for our life has significantly diminished.


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A Little Won't Hurt...

Oct 12, 2020

It's 3:30 pm. I just got all the kids back home after school. 

They rush to the kitchen for a snack, asking me to cut up apples, toast bagels, open the package of Oreos, and so on. 

After scarfing down a few morsels, they are on to their next endeavor leaving bits behind, messes to clean up, and packages to be put away.

As I pick up the Oreos, I think to myself…

"One won't hurt. Just have one and put it away. It's no big deal."


Ah, yes. The little lie, one won't hurt.


This deception is tricky because there is some truth to it.


Sometimes we have to take a step back from our situation and look at it from another perspective.

Today, let's look at it from the perspective of an alcoholic.


Why can't an alcoholic have just one?


Well, their brain has been misprogrammed.  For a period of time, alcoholics have trained their brain to think that the first drink is just one of many.  So, when they want to release the tension of...

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The Lie That Restraint Makes Us Want More

Oct 05, 2020

My attention is diverted from the onion I was chopping.

(Insert eye roll) “Here we go again,” I thought.

Garrett is crying, overtired from the school day, and Rory is staring at him in disgust.

Then he shouts, “I want that book! It’s my turn!” His eyes are fixated on the drawing book that Rory is using to make a frog.

I tell him he’ll get his turn after his sister finishes up.  

He then proceeds to go into hysterics, in which I calmly prompt him to have in his room. In and out he walks from his room only to sit back at the table, obsessing over that book.

Let’s be honest. The drawing book is fun, but not super impressive. It doesn’t even tell a story. It just shows you how to draw simple animals. Yet, the little guy is howling like a possessed coyote.


But how often do I focus, magnify, lust after what I want?  

“You want that. If you don’t get it now, you’ll just want it more. Don’t...

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Health Hypocrite

Sep 28, 2020

"Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you are like whitewashed tombs, which outwardly appear beautiful, but within are full of dead people's bones and all uncleanness." Matthew 23:27

I don't know about you, but the people pleaser in me wants to fly past the hard truth, so I don't have to feel uncomfortable.

My current motto, though:
"Discomfort is the price of love, joy, peace, patients, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, and SELF-CONTROL."

That means I need to get uncomfortable and really take the time to look at verses such as this one in Matthew.


I was recently listening to a podcast in which the presenter used the metaphor of "whitewashed tomb".

Instantly, my mind went to, "That's what it was like to lose weight without God!"


I had to look up if a whitewashed tomb is used elsewhere in the Bible. It is, and when it is used, it all refers to hypocrisy (funny that is the exact word used at the beginning of the verse ;).

So, the researcher in me had to...

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I Deserve A Treat

Sep 21, 2020

“It’s been a long, rough day. I need a treat.”

You proceed to your chocolate stash. You know the one.  The secret place the kids can’t reach, and your husband wouldn’t find because it’s behind the big mixing bowl that he never uses.  

Then you grab one, no, actually it’s a three-chocolate kind of day.  

Off to the couch, you sit. 

You scroll through your FB feed. 

You’re about to open Instagram, but you realize the chocolate you took is gone already. Really?! You deserve one more after the day you’ve had. Up, you hop and grab two more.

Oops! A little one saw you put something in your mouth. 



Is this just me?

No? Oh, good! Can you relate?



I thought I was the only one the enemy was whispering this LIE too.


Because that’s what it is. 

It’s a lie. “I deserve a treat.”  

A lie the enemy loves to have you believe so that you...

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Building Godly Momentum in Weight Loss

Sep 14, 2020

When was the last time you thought one of the following:

  • "A few extra chips won't matter."
  • "I've been good all week, I deserve those cookies."
  • "It's important not to restrict yourself. Everything in moderation, right??"

I know I've caught myself saying these things.

We don't take into account when we believe these thoughts are that there's momentum behind them.

If you've been following your plan all week, you've started building up momentum. If you've been creating boundaries for your temple and honoring them, you've begun building momentum.

Straying from your plan on the weekend is like hitting the brakes on your progress.

Every little, seemingly minor decision you make has an effect -- and that effect compounds over time.

You can be compounding momentum to living out God's good plan for your life or compounding momentum to staying stuck in the enemy's deception.

All the little decisions you've been making determine the results you have right now - wanted and unwanted. ...

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