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Learn how to manage your mind, build energizing habits, and grow your faith to live joyfully in your God-given temple.

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About Me

If you're inquisitive, just like I am, I'll give you a glimpse into my story and why I have been called to coach.


What is coaching?


"Before I started coaching with Amanda, I was angry all the time and yelling at my kids. I tried to reason as to why I felt this way and what was going on. Honestly, I thought something was wrong with me; that maybe I had a hormonal imbalance. It was a miserable time. I finally contacted Amanda when I realized I couldn’t figure this out on my own. Her posts kept showing up and I knew I needed to talk to her. From the free, initial call I felt relief. I was certain she could help me. Now, after her coaching I’m not yelling or angry all the time. I know how to apply the tools I’ve learned to work through any problem. That’s the great thing about coaching; it is applicable to every area of life, so every part has improved. What’s unique about Amanda’s coaching is that it is also Christ centered. Don’t wait. Sign up now. It is so worth it."


"Before coaching with Amanda, life had become unmanageable. I was ready to run away from it all. I felt despair because I had run out of tools to use and had no idea what to do next. I saw Amanda's encouragement in my Facebook feed and contacted her. By the second session, things started to change. I wanted to be part of my own life again. I now have the confidence to move forward with anything I want to do in my life."


"Before coaching with Amanda, life was miserable looking back. I got to the hardest time of my life. I struggled with self-confidence and continually starting, then ultimately quitting. I tried to solve these issues the best I could on my own but I felt helpless because nothing seemed to work. I saw Amanda’s posts on her Facebook page they really clicked with me. That’s when I contacted her. Coaching started working right away. Amanda made me realize what was going on in my head, what my thoughts were doing to me and how to get out of the struggle I was in. I don’t dwell on the negative as much anymore. I feel more alive. Life is so much better. My perspective has totally changed and that has completely changed my life. Not only that but I lost weight (physically and emotionally). You will have no regrets coaching with Amanda. "


"Sometimes it’s hard to admit you need help. I am one of those people, however I decided to contact Amanda to see what her 12 week program was all about. I am so glad I did because I have made so much progress in that short amount of time.She has taught me tools that I can use beyond these 12 weeks. If you are even a bit curious as to what she has to offer, take that first step and chat with her! There is no judgment and most importantly you have nothing to lose!​"


"I'm just about finished with 12 weeks of health coaching from Manda, and I have to say, it has truly been a total health transformation. I've had friends help my with my health journey before, but they usually only speak from what works for them and the changes made aren't long lasting. Manda helped me with far more than working out or eating right, she helped me with the mental aspect of health. I didn't change how I ate and I didn't workout for the first 5 weeks of our sessions, but at that point something clicked. I'm now back to about 4 workouts a week and I'm feeling much better physically and mentally than I was 12 weeks ago. You might not realize it, but having someone to help you through the mental part of your health journey can help make a huge change in your physical health journey. I have no doubt I'll use the tools I learned in my sessions with Manda for the rest of my life."


"Peoples. You have no idea how powerful coaching can be!!! Top of mind and consistent efforts GUIDED by someone who wants to help you change THIS TIME!! No more second times, this time! Huge difference from one shot quick fixes! The key is HABIT CHANGE!"



From someone who knows what coaching is like...


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