You've spun in circles thinking about losing weight and wanting to feel good in your skin.


But every crazy diet, killer exercise routine, magic supplement or miracle cleanse left you feeling miserable with your body and frustrated with yourself.

You're tired of all the advice from this world that doesn't help you treat your body like the temple God made it.

Plus, you know God wants better for your life. 

So, what do you do now?

It's time for a coach.


Coaching is very different than what you have tried in the past.

It’s about getting to the root of your problem and then learning the skill of following through easily and consistently. 

But not just any coaching, coaching that is focus on Christ.

From this, you gain FREEDOM.

Freedom from the weight.  Freedom from the shame about the weight.  Freedom to live God’s good plan for your life.

Private 1:1

Weight Loss Coaching

  • Focusing on God first to strengthen your relationship with Him and gain the fruit of self-control
  • Dismantling Satan’s lies and replacing them with life-giving Truth
  • Understanding how God created you and what’s right for YOUR body with nutrition monitoring
  • Providing support and accountability when you fall off track or you feel stuck or overwhelmed with weekly calls, regular check-ins, and continual access to me
  • Practicing and perfecting healthy habits and a positive, confident mindset to create a lifestyle you love and maintain easily.

You have circled the mountain long enough; now turn north. Deutronomy 2:3

I hear what you are saying...

You don't have time for this.  Life is already so busy and you are struggling to keep up.  

But what if all those distractions are just the enemy’s weapons of defeat? Are you going to let Satan win?

Or, you’re worried this is another weight loss ploy that just won’t work for you again.

But what if it does? How would that affect not only your weight, but your faith, your family, your health, your life?

And, what if you stay where you are? What might happen then?


"Having someone who could help me through all the doubts and discouragement was life-giving. No other self-help book, diet, or hack found on Pinterest was going to do that. I can recognize my triggers. I am more aware of how my thinking sets me up for my whole day. I have a choice in how I live now. That is true freedom from God. 

Thank you, Amanda!"

- Monica

Stop circling.

Don't waste any more time struggling in this self-defeat and misery.

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Let’s explore if God is calling you to renew your mind and transform your lifestyle so that you can live out His good plan for your life.