You have circled this
mountain long enough:
now turn north.
Deuteronomy 2:3

Coaching is meeting you where you are now and taking you to the life you are meant to live.


There are no crazy diets, killer exercise routines, magic pills or miracle healing.

You've tried those. Now you need to turn a different direction. A direction that is about taking small, prioritized steps to get you moving forward to where you need to go.

Coaching is so different than what you have tried in the past.  It is not about fitting life around getting healthy and losing weight.  No.  We fit getting healthy and losing weight around life.

In my practice, together, we form an individualistic plan for your life and your health by:

  1. Providing support when you feel stuck and overwhelmed.  
  2. Giving you the accountability you need when you are falling off track.
  3. Preparing and practicing the structure to form new habits and a positive, confident mindset.

Combining weight loss coaching with life coaching creates a mindset and lifestyle shift that actually lasts. That means no more yo-yo weight loss, no more self loathing, no more anxious overwhelm with life.

What you gain... CONFIDENCE and JOY!

I hear what you are saying.  You don't have time for this.  Life is already so busy and you are struggling to keep up.  Adding one more thing seems impossible.

But what if all it takes is just the right small step?  What would that mean for your health, your energy, your family, your faith and your life?  

You don't have to lose any more time struggling in overwhelm, lack of energy and emotional turmoil.

This type of whole life transformation is deliberate, thorough, long term and life giving.  By the end of coaching you will be a whole new you with a whole new lifestyle.

The one you were meant to live.



Are you ready to quit the struggle and thrive?

Find out how every step of the way you can be supported, encouraged, held accountable and best of all...

living the life you were meant to live.

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