Three Key Strategies for Your Weight Loss Journey

May 09, 2022

You’ve tried every fad diet and crash diet in the books. 

You desperately wish there was a way to lose your extra pounds and keep them off. 

Well friend, you can be successful in losing weight and maintaining that weight loss by embracing three simple strategies on your weight loss journey. 

3 Ways to Lose and Maintain Weight Loss 

Find an Enjoyable and Effective Weight Loss Strategy for You

This may seem too simple to be true, but there is a great deal of truth within this weight loss strategy. 

One of the key reasons you find yourself struggling to lose weight and then maintaining the weight loss when you’ve finally arrived at your goal is because you haven’t found a strategy that is both enjoyable and effective. 

Weight loss isn’t often thought of as being enjoyable. That’s a mindset you can work toward changing, starting now. 

When you have an eating plan and an exercise plan you find joy in, you are likely...

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How to Break Free from Emotional Eating

May 02, 2022

You can break free from the ties food has over your life by reclaiming your God-given identity and shedding light on the truth influencing your emotions. 


Emotions are powerful, that’s for sure. 


In the past, your emotions have been held responsible for lifting your mood or sending your mood crashing to the ground, all in one fell swoop. They’ve also been responsible for having a direct impact on your eating habits, the types of foods you crave, and your reaction to situations around you. 


Although your emotions are powerful, they don’t have the control many believe. With awareness and intention, your emotions can flourish into the tools God intended them to be. 

3 Truths About Emotional Eating 


Your Emotions are God-Given 


If you look around long enough you will find news articles and social media posts casting a dark shadow on emotions, as if they are something to be feared or avoided. 


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