Three Key Strategies for Your Weight Loss Journey

You’ve tried every fad diet and crash diet in the books. 

You desperately wish there was a way to lose your extra pounds and keep them off. 

Well friend, you can be successful in losing weight and maintaining that weight loss by embracing three simple strategies on your weight loss journey. 

3 Ways to Lose and Maintain Weight Loss 

Find an Enjoyable and Effective Weight Loss Strategy for You

This may seem too simple to be true, but there is a great deal of truth within this weight loss strategy. 

One of the key reasons you find yourself struggling to lose weight and then maintaining the weight loss when you’ve finally arrived at your goal is because you haven’t found a strategy that is both enjoyable and effective. 

Weight loss isn’t often thought of as being enjoyable. That’s a mindset you can work toward changing, starting now. 

When you have an eating plan and an exercise plan you find joy in, you are likely to ensure you work them into your lifestyle rather than just “pushing your way through” to lose those last few pounds. 

Easier said than done? 

Think of a way of healthy eating you find most enjoyable. 

Think of the types of movement and exercise you find most enjoyable. 

Now, ask yourself these questions: 

How can I make this way of eating so enjoyable that I eat this way consistently? 

How can I adapt this exercise to make it a routine I don’t find too overwhelming to maintain? 

Within the answers to these questions, you will discover an enjoyable and effective strategy to lose and maintain weight on your weight loss journey. 

Find a New Perspective on the Mundane 

Eating the “same old” foods and doing the “same old” exercise routine may seem boring and insignificant to you. 

They don't have to ... 

The feeling of redundancy and boredom within your weight loss journey may make you want to scrap the experience as a whole and start over with something new and different. 

One of the key strategies to losing and maintaining weight loss is to find and create joy within those seemingly insignificant routines. 


Well, very simply, the method you use to lose weight will be the method you use to maintain weight loss. 

Creating joy along your weight loss journey will ensure you meet your weight loss goal, and you keep the weight off … without feeling stuck or deprived. 

How can you create joy when you feel your food and exercise routines have hit a wall? 

Ask yourself these questions: 

How can I make my meals more enjoyable without changing the foods that are effective in losing weight? 

What can I add to my workout routine to make it more exciting? 

Creating joy and spicing up the elements of your journey that feel mundane will help you keep moving forward. 

As you move forward you will begin to create more motivation and that motivation will create the foundation of making your eating and exercise a way of life. 

This consistency will ensure you lose those unwanted pounds and keep them off while avoiding Yo-Yo dieting. 

Evaluate Yourself with Grace

Even if you are the Superwoman of healthy eating and moving, you will find yourself falling short of your health goals at some point on your weight loss journey. 

It’s natural. 

You’re human. 

And … that’s okay. 

The key to losing and maintaining weight loss will be found in your ability to evaluate yourself with grace. 

You may find yourself reaching for the dessert you told yourself you wouldn’t have. 

Perhaps you sleep through your morning exercise routine. 

Your schedule gets a little hectic one week and you totally miss the mark with both your food and exercise goals. 

How do you respond to yourself when these situations happen? 

Do you beat yourself up and roll around in despair? 

Do you take yourself to a failure state of mind? 

Do you reel into a binge and find yourself feeling even worse? 

Or … 

Do you extend to yourself the grace God extends to you? 

It is within that self-extended grace you will find your ability to adjust, get back on track, and continue along your weight loss journey with success and joy. 

Each time you veer off track a little, keep in mind that there is a lesson to be learned, your mistake is not your identity, and it just takes one moment to step back onto the onward path. 

These three key strategies are vital for weight loss and weight loss maintenance. 

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