You Don't Have to Start Your Weight Loss Journey Today ... Here's Why

You aren’t new to the weight loss struggle. 

You’ve tried countless diets and exercise routines. You’ve even been successful at shedding some pounds. 

… but those long-lost pounds seem to keep finding their way back to you and you are just plain tired of this seemingly endless battle. 

Friend, you can lose weight and keep it off by learning the top 20 things that no one tells you about how to truly be successful on your journey. 

This is part 6 of a 20-part blog series that will give you a strong foundation of strategy you need to lose weight, keep it off, and start living the life you were born to live! 

Some of what I share will be opposite of what all the diet gurus tell you, so read on with an open and prayerful mind and let God work on you from the inside out of your health and fitness journey! 

Part 6: You Don’t Have to Start Today

Let me know if you can relate to any of the following scenarios … 


You’re fumbling through your closet, desperately trying to find an outfit that fits AND makes you feel comfortable … maybe even pretty and confident … 


You’ve just finished a late-night binge and in response to the shame you feel, you're frantically scrolling online and clicking “add to cart” to the first weight loss product that promises fast and dramatic results. 


In a moment of guilt and overwhelm, you pummel through your refrigerator and pantry and throw away all foods you find tempting, in a forceful attempt to get back on track … NOW!


You join the gym or buy a bunch of workout gear, without a thought-out-plan of action, truly believing this action is the answer to your weight loss goals. 


Friend, if you can relate to any of these moments, you aren’t alone. 


There are millions of women … just like you … who make dramatic attempts to lose weight … fast! 


These methods of weight loss aren’t necessarily bad methods. In fact, you may actually notice some of them work for you. 


The real question to ask yourself is … 


Do any of these methods, or the methods you have tried in desperation, work for your long-term, sustainable weight loss. 


If the answer is no … and it most likely is … I have a message for you. 


Are you ready? 


Here it is … drum roll please … 






Isn’t that message totally counter-intuitive to what all the weight loss pros say? 


Isn’t it important to start now … I mean … right this second? 


Slow down … wait a minute … put a little thought in it … 


(Did you sing along to that in your head just a little bit?) 


Okay, now that I have your attention, I want  you to know this is a very real message and I really mean it. 


You don’t have to start now.




Well, if you have found yourself in any of the listed weight-loss frenzies, or any other like them, you are making the decision to lose weight based on emotion … 


Fear … 


Frustration … 


Shame … 


Guilt … 


Panic … 


Rush … 


Decisions made when in a heightened state of emotion may work for a short time, but they don’t usually help you with what you really want and need … weight loss maintenance. 


There are a few reasons this rings true.


Weight loss, when done in response to internal and external pressure, will usually be temporary and lead to weight regain for these reasons: 


  • When you do something because you feel rushed, you don’t show up like you need to
  • Weight loss plans and routines started in a heightened state of emotion come with feelings of missing out and denial of self 
  • Any little mishap along this type of journey will lead to the all-dreadful binge meal … week … month


The key to losing weight, keeping it off, and enjoying your life along the way, is simple. 


Begin your weight loss journey with a Godly love for yourself and the temple God has given you. 


When you kick off weight loss with prayer, a plan, thoughtfulness, and in response to your love for yourself, you will find success. 


Here are a few reasons why this method works for true, sustainable, weight loss: 


  • You start because YOU want to 
  • You WANT better for your temple 
  • You will make life-giving decisions when it comes to food and health 
  • You will begin to LOVE the decisions you make 
  • Your peace with your food and health decisions will make the journey easier for you now … and long-term 
  • Your life-giving decisions will lead to life-giving habits and will eventually grow to be second nature for you 
  • Your mind won’t CONSTANTLY be focused on food and your body … but instead on elements of life more important and more fruitful


Friend, take a minute. Slow down. Ask yourself these questions: 


  • Am I making this weight loss and health decision based on fear or am I making this decision based on self-love? 
  • Am I reacting in response to guilt and shame or do I really KNOW this is the next step I have to and want to take for my weight loss? 


When you can slow down, tune in to what your body really wants and needs, and make decisions based on the love you have for yourself and your God-given temple, you will begin to see true weight loss that you will be able to maintain. 

You don’t have to take this journey alone, either, friend. 


If you find yourself in need of help getting started, I’d love to come alongside your journey with you. I am a Christian Weight Loss Life Coach and I’ve been able to help dozens of women reach their weight loss goals with long-term success. 


You can learn more about what this journey will look like with a free, no commitment, discovery call. Let’s work together to help you take back control of your life and overcome the weight loss struggles that have been weighing you down far too long. 


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