Master Weight Loss Mindset in 7 Days

“If you could just get down to a size 10 or 12 you’d be so drop-dead gorgeous we’d have to beat the guys off you with a baseball bat.” 

A friend shared this statement made to her when she was a young adult.

The person who said this to her was just repeating what she had been told. There had been a long history in this woman’s life of others telling her what the ideal woman should look like. She worked diligently in her own life to fit this expected mold and was naturally passing it along as “helpful” advice to my friend. 

My friend also shared her response to this “helpful” advice. 

“I sat there for a moment, not sure how to respond. Finally, I told her ‘if they don’t want me now - I don’t want them then,’” she shared. “Even though I responded with a lot of confidence, inside I was wondering if she and everyone else thought I was too ugly to be wanted.” 

My friend’s story is a common one. 

Unfortunately, it’s so common that  millions of women around the globe struggle with mindset surrounding eating, food, body image, and self worth. 

An innumerable number of women … God-made and God-anointed beautiful women … carry around guilt and shame related to food and food intake and that fact absolutely breaks my heart. 

That’s why I have built my life and mission around helping women around the world reclaim control over their thoughts and change their relationship with food and their bodies. 

You may be one who shares in this overwhelming struggle.

You don’t have to stay in that struggle. 

Give the Empowered Challenge a chance to set you free. 

You have nothing to lose … except the guilt and shame. 

The Empowered Challenge 

You may be on the other side of these words thinking you’ve tried every diet and exercise routine under the sun. 

You may be grouping this challenge with all the other “gimmicks” and “tricks” that drive the weight loss market. 

You may even be doubtful there is any resource that can help you achieve your food and body goals. 

It would be easy to agree with you, except the Empowered Challenge can’t be grouped in with all the other fad diets. 


Because the sole focus of the Empowered Challenge is to partner with you to help you see who God created you to be … and that person is so much more than tracked calories and pounds on the scale. 

Once you truly embrace this fact, the rest of the steps will fall naturally into place as you take control over your mind and allow God to empower you.

7 Days to a Healthy Mindset 

The Empowered Challenge kicks off May 16th and will be hosted live for all who want to take control that has been lost for far too long. 

Over the course of these seven days you will gather with myself and a support network on a virtual platform to receive personalized coaching, help diving into the falsities of the crash dieting market, and scriptural guidance to build the foundation of who God says you are. 

You will also learn how to shed unwanted pounds AND keep them off with practical tools and important mindset shifts. 

Ginger’s Personal Weight Loss Victory

The Empowered Challenge has been instrumental in changing the lives and health of my clients. 

I just received this message this week from Ginger. 

“I wanted to share with you an update and a win! I have lost 15 pounds and kept it off, losing almost 10 inches in my hips and almost 8 inches in my waist. I am proud of what I have been doing but more importantly letting God be a part of my day and life. Thank you for continuing to encourage me and other Christian women in this God-focused plan!” 

Friends, you are invited to take the next step forward toward your weight loss journey. 

Reclaim your personal victory by signing up now for the 7-Day Empowered Challenge. 

Once again, there’s nothing to lose except for body-shaming and guilt-ridden mindsets. 

There’s a ton to gainself-control, freedom, and power over what’s been holding you back! 

See you in the challenge! 

You can sign up and learn more about the Empowered Challenge here.


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