Do you struggle to say "no" to the brownies?

Are you always "falling off track" with your food choices?

 This FREE challenge is for Christian women who are ready to LOSE WEIGHT by finally RECLAIMING SELF-CONTROL over the foods that tempt and derail them the most. 

Amanda Kaldor, a certified Christian Weight Loss Coach, created the Empowered Challenge to guide women to partner with God to change their relationship with food and their body.
From there, they shed the pounds and live EMPOWERED and FREE from the guilt and shame that comes with overeating.


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"I just love food too much..."

I hear this all the time as a weight loss coach and I can relate.  Previously, I identified myself as a "foodie". 

If you've found yourself saying this, you're not alone and YOU CAN LOSE WEIGHT.

Good news!  I know how to coach women to change their mindset around food, their bodies, and their lives so they consistently eat for FUEL. Not only that, but I guide them to a lifestyle that will MAINTAIN the weight loss. 

No crazy diets or exercise routine.  No quick-fix shakes or pills.

Real change that gets to the root of the problem.

~ Amanda

Join the 7-day Empowered Challenge so you can learn the practical tools and important mindset shifts to lose weight and regain self-control around food.


"I want to share that I’ve learned so much during your challenge. In the first 5 days, I’ve actually lost 7 pounds and feel more empowered than ever before. Amanda's teaching has really helped me reflect and respond with intentional thoughts about what and why I’m eating."


"Amanda’s challenges have been so helpful to me personally. During each challenge, she provides spiritual insights, practical tips, and valuable tools that equip each woman where ever she is in her health journey. Amanda’s challenges are perfect for anyone looking to lose weight, examine your relationship with food, or create healthy habits."


"Amanda's challenges are fun but stretch me. She is so good at making me (and others) really stop and think about why or what they are doing. Her actions steps are doable and focused on the long-term goal, not just a quick fix that won't last. I've grown in being more consistent and lost weight, all thanks to Amanda."

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