The Problem With Your Husband Loving You the Way You Are

What do you think?

Is there a problem with your husband loving you even if you're overweight?

There shouldn't be a problem with this.

But, so many women come to me and tell me that they have no motivation. They blame part of it on the fact that their husbands don't care what weight they are.

These husbands, being wonderful guys, are NOT the problem. They should not get the blame because we are overweight and seem to stay there.

Here is the hard truth.
Our thinking is the problem.

We think just because our husbands don't care what weight we are, that WE SHOULDN'T EITHER.


And, if we care, then we tell ourselves that it means we're being vain.

We go on to thinking that maybe we should just accept our overweight bodies the way they are. Because, really, we have no one to impress except our husbands.

Do you see the turmoil we create?

Now, I'm not saying that if you're comfortable in your body, that you should lose weight just because some physicians made some guidelines, and you don't fit perfectly in them.
I'm not talking to women that are healthy and confident in their skin.


I'm talking to the Christian women that feel miserable in everything they try on, avoid intimacy with their husband, and are exhausted all the time (mentally and physically).

If this is you, and you're telling yourself you're OK with being overweight because your husband doesn't care… we have a problem.

Here it is:

You want something better that God wants to give you, but you're standing in your own way of getting it.

And the enemy is loving every minute of it.

It is NOT vain to want to lose weight, look better, and feel better even if your husband doesn't care.

Want to know what vanity is?
According to Google, it is excessive pride in or admiration of one's own appearance or achievements.

Do you have excessive pride in yourself? I'm guessing not.

Do you have admiration for your appearance? I'm thinking that it is a big fat no.


  • What if God is tugging at you to take care of your temple?
  • What if He wants you to be physically healthy to serve in some way?
  • Maybe He knows that you, overcoming this obstacle, will equip you with what's coming next…

Have you considered that?

Yes, right now, you may be focused on outward appearances, but losing weight is so much more than that. Even if that is what you're focused on, God can still use that. It might be the catalyst to motivate you.

Only if you don't stop the motivation by your THINKING! By choosing the enemy's deception.

So, you're right. There is no problem with your husband loving you the way you are.

There is a problem with what you think about that, though.


If you want help trying to decipher the enemy's deceptions and what the Spirit is calling you to, I'd love to offer you a free consult. We'll work through it together and know by the "fruit" it produces. Sign up for this awesome experience HERE.


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