Willpower is NOT the Key to Losing Weight

Top 20 Ways to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

You aren’t new to the weight loss struggle. 

You’ve tried countless diets and exercise routines. You’ve even been successful at shedding some pounds. 

… but those long-lost pounds seem to keep finding their way back to you and you are just plain tired of this seemingly endless battle. 

Friend, you can lose weight and keep it off by learning the top 20 things that no one tells you about how to truly be successful on your journey. 

This is part 12 of a 20-part blog series that will give you a strong foundation of strategy you need to lose weight, keep it off, and start living the life you were born to live! 

Some of what I share will be opposite of what all the diet gurus tell you, so read on with an open and prayerful mind and let God work on you from the inside out of your health and fitness journey! 


Part 12: Will Power is NOT the Key to Losing Weight

The struggle is real! 


I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase before, and possibly related it immediately to weight loss. If so, you aren’t alone. The struggle is real, but not necessarily for the reasons you may think. 


Since your weight has started to increase, be it in your youth or later years in life, you’ve been told if you just “had enough will power” you could lose the weight. You’ve heard it so often you actually believe it to be true. You genuinely believe your weight gain or loss is 100 percent within your ability to conjure up enough willpower to “make it happen.” 


You may be thinking “Well, I know I have willpower because I’ve rolled up my sleeves and lose weight before.” 

That statement would be completely correct. You have rolled up your sleeve, put your mind to a tedious task, did all the right things, and lost weight before. 


But … 


Somehow, they’ve crept back on, pound by unwanted pound. And, here you are … trying to dig deep to find that same willpower once again. 


Friend, you are magnificently strong. I truly believe you can do anything you put your mind to. However, because I care, I also want to take a little unnecessary pressure off your shoulders. 


In seeking the willpower to get back to your exercise plan and your healthy eating plan you are taking your body and your mind in a direction it simply wasn’t designed to go. You see, you are working hard to learn into your own power and strength and force something to happen and completely overlooking a powerful tool God has given you and instructs you to walk in. 


… the fruit of self-control. 

Though the terms willpower and self-control seem to have the same meaning, they are actually polar opposites. 


Leaning into your willpower is leaning into your power. It’s literally one part of your flesh submitting to another part of your flesh. Leaning into self-control is saying no to your flesh and yes to the Spirit of God that lives inside of you. 


God designed every part of you. You are His masterpiece. He created your body to live and work in a natural state of health. When you find the way to step out of YOUR power and yield and trust God’s power, aligning your exercise and eating plans will help you naturally lose weight, keep the weight off, and enjoy the journey in the process. 


I’ve created an amazing tool to help you learn how to easily step out of leaning into your willpower and lean into self-control. It’s a 7-day devotional called Losing Weight with God and I created it as a gift with you so you can invite God into your weight loss journey, take this journey with Him, and grow with Him in the process. 


Grab your Losing Weight with God Devotional HERE. As a Christian Weight Loss Life Coach, I’ve helped women just like you reclaim self-control over food and find joy in the life God created for them. I know this devotional will help you lose weight, keep it off, and reclaim the life God intends for you to have. 


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