When It Feels Like God Gave You a Dead End

Life stinks sometimes.

Some of you may know, but most of you don’t. I was planning on going on a Mercy Medical trip to Tanzania in August.  

I have prayed about this opportunity for years. Yes, years. 

After 6 years of praying, I believe that God was telling me this was the time. Everything was working out perfectly. I had it all set up for me to be away. It was all falling into place...

Then the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic hit.  

Yesterday, I received the news I was dreading to hear. The mission trip is officially canceled.

Honestly, I was devastated. 

I was totally disheartened and disappointed...

but I started thinking about all of you.

Sometimes, we start a weight loss, health, work, or any other journey thinking to ourselves, “This is the time. I am finally going to do this. I’ve been waiting and praying for this!”

All of a sudden, life happens. Our expectations aren't met.

Then we look back, disheartened and disappointed that it didn’t work out as we had hoped.

I think these are our defining moments.

The moments of truth.

These are the times that reflect our trust in God’s plan.

They are times of a very important decision. 

A hard one to be aware of…  


What are you going to make this mean about God? About you?


Here is what I’ve decided…



Initially, when I found out, I wanted to go into the spin of thinking…

  • This was never meant to happen.
  • God doesn’t want this for me.
  • I guess I won’t be able to do this, after all.
  • It just won’t work out now.

My trip being canceled doesn’t mean any of these things.  

God is using this for a purpose. I may not fully understand that purpose right now, but I know it is meant to teach me something.

I’ll never find the lesson if I spin in these lies, though.


Am I still disappointed? 

You bet. But now that I became aware of all the junk the enemy was using to keep me stuck, I refuse to let him hold me here.

So, I ask God, “What’s next, then? What do you need me to do next?”  

I listen. Then I move forward.


Can you relate with your journey? Maybe it’s weight loss. Perhaps you’ve been spinning in thoughts like, “I’m just meant to be overweight. I guess God wants me this way. I can’t do it. It doesn’t work now.”

Be careful. 

That thinking does not sound like that comes from God.  

That thinking can keep you stuck.

Stuck in the yuck.

I’ve been there. It’s not fun.  


My friend, the past attempts at weight loss, may not have worked. It’s OK. Those attempts were meant to teach you something. Something you really needed to know for your future success.

Learn from them. Refuse to believe the enemy when he whispers, “God doesn’t want this for you.” Instead, keep asking, “What’s next, God? What next step do you want me to take?”


Then take a step forward. 


Don’t stay stuck in the disappointment and regret of the past. That just keeps you from “failing”, learning, and trying the next step.


My first attempt at this mission trip may have been a “fail”. I’m learning from it. Now I’m going to go pray about my next step…

…you too?


PS. I’m here to support your next step. Sometimes, in the middle of being stuck, it’s hard to see there is even a step to take. If you feel like you are in that place, I encourage you to sign up for a free consultation with me. Let me help you uncover what you need to learn so you can move forward on your next step.


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