When It Feels Like God Gave You a Dead End

Apr 27, 2020

Life stinks sometimes.

Some of you may know, but most of you don’t. I was planning on going on a Mercy Medical trip to Tanzania in August.  

I have prayed about this opportunity for years. Yes, years. 

After 6 years of praying, I believe that God was telling me this was the time. Everything was working out perfectly. I had it all set up for me to be away. It was all falling into place...

Then the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic hit.  

Yesterday, I received the news I was dreading to hear. The mission trip is officially canceled.

Honestly, I was devastated. 

I was totally disheartened and disappointed...

but I started thinking about all of you.

Sometimes, we start a weight loss, health, work, or any other journey thinking to ourselves, “This is the time. I am finally going to do this. I’ve been waiting and praying for this!”

All of a sudden, life happens. Our expectations aren't met.

Then we look back, disheartened and disappointed...

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The One and Only Secret To Balancing It All

Jul 29, 2019

Balance.  Doesn’t it sound lovely?

When I think of balance I think of a smiling, well dressed woman that has all the kids’ lunches packed as they walk calmly out the door to get on the school bus. Her house is clean, supper prepared in the fridge, car washed, cat fed and she picks up a book to read and snuggles into the couch.

This is NOT a picture of my life.  But I still run a business, raise three kids, have an awesome marriage, strengthen my faith daily, exercise and still find time to unwind without going crazy.

Want to know the secret?



Yep.  Stop it.  Stop balancing. 


There is no such thing as balance in my life.  What I have are priorities.  I set them clearly and firmly.  Then I stick to them.


I believe balance is a myth.  There are seasons to life, just as there are seasons in nature.  God doesn’t balance the perfect amount of rainfall, sunshine, wind and temperature every day,...

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Jump into the River of Misery with Me

May 20, 2019

**If you would like to listen to this blog post, scroll to the bottom for the audio version.


I’m in the river right now. 

I am swimming hard to get to the other side, but honestly, I feel like I’m getting nowhere.

What river you ask?

Well, the river of misery.

“You aren’t supposed to be miserable!  You just started this coaching thing full time.  Most of your time is spent at home and with your kids.  What do you have to be miserable about?”

Yes, I have many blessings.  That is for sure.  But it doesn’t mean I am not miserable sometimes.

Guess what? I actually embrace my misery. 


If any of you live in a northern region, you know what I am talking about when I say the “river of misery”.  See, here in Minnesota we have COLD and snowy winters.  They are MISERABLE.  You will find a few people that may actually enjoy wintertime, but for the majority, we dread it. 

Why do...

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