Remind Yourself You Care

Uncategorized Mar 22, 2021

“I don’t care!”

I mean it.

I don’t care...


How does that make you FEEL if you imagine me saying this to your face?

“I don’t care.”

I mean it.  Close your eyes and imagine someone close to you saying, “I don’t care.”


Wow.  Kind of sad, miserable, dejected, inconsequential…

What do you make it mean?

  • That you aren’t cared about?
  • That you’re not important?
  • That you don’t matter?


That’s what comes up for me.


Now think back at how many times you’ve said to yourself, “I don’t care.”

“I don’t care. I’m going to eat the pizza anyway.”
“I don’t care. It’s only for today.”
“I don’t care. My plan isn’t a big deal.”


I don’t care…

What are you making it mean when you say this to yourself?

  • I don’t care about this body.
  • What feels good right now is more important than what you really want.
  • What God has convicted me with doesn’t matter.

You may not realize it, but these are a few things you’re telling yourself when you say, “I don’t care.”


Words, phrases, how you talk to yourself are important.


Don’t let the enemy blind you with, “I don’t care.” 

He wants you to not care and treat yourself poorly.



Care about yourself today. Talk to yourself as you would your friend or daughter.  Let yourself know you care. 

Pray to God to lead you to the next step of loving the creation HE MADE.


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