My Eating is Out of Control

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2021

An empty box of cheez-its sits alongside an empty bag of kettle chips.

Before polishing those off, I had 4 Oreos.

Before that I had tried to eat something healthier… a few carrots.

But the carrots weren’t cutting it. That’s why I moved on.

Now I was standing in front of the pantry looking for my next container of junk food to finish off.

“I can’t control this.  I have to eat more.  I can’t stop myself.”


If you’ve ever been in this spot, my heart aches.  I know how miserable it feels. You’re right.  It FEELS very out of control.

That’s because the enemy has you believing you can’t control what you’re going to do next.


Satan is such a good deceiver.  He keeps things hidden for his own advantage by using half-truths.

 The truth is… you can’t control A LOT of things.  You don’t have control over your circumstance or other people.  The weather, sorry, you don’t get to dictate it. 

But the lie comes when you think you’ve lost control.

Your control is NEVER lost, my friend.  It’s only just hidden, making it harder to access sometimes.


Your control lies in your thoughts, feelings, and actions… meaning your FREE WILL to choose… to choose the enemy’s lies or the Spirit’s truth.


When I was standing in front of the pantry, looking for the next dopamine hit to make me feel better, I was thinking, “You’ve screwed up.  Just stop trying.”  Those thoughts just lead me down a dark spiral of feeling miserable about myself and then eating more to feel better, even if it was only for a short moment.


What I didn’t realize is that I didn’t have to say those things to myself.  I didn’t have to beat myself up for eating the Oreos, cheez-its, and chips.

I also didn’t realize I had a choice, a NEW choice at that moment.  I thought I had to keep eating.  It was the only thing to make me feel better. 

It wasn’t the ONLY thing though. It was just what I knew.


See, when the enemy has you believe you can’t control your eating, it means he has hidden the truth of all the choices available to you at that moment. 

He’s also covered up that you are a NEW creation, every single second of every day. 

So, if you are a new creation that has CHOICES, that means you can make a new decision right now.


Maybe your decision will be to stop at that moment.  Maybe it will be to eat a few more carrots.  Maybe it will be to finish off the pretzels next.

It doesn’t matter what the choice is, it just matters that you are making it intentionally, knowing you have the SELF-CONTROL to make it.


It’s from being intentional about your choices, reclaiming your self-control, that you start empowering yourself by the Holy Spirit and listening to the recommendations that will GIVE LIFE and PEACE.


You are never out of control, my friend.  You always have a choice. 

See the choice you’re making.  Be intentional about making it.  That’s where you’ll have freedom!


You do have control; over your thoughts, feelings, and actions. You have control over how you think about food and whether or not you “screwed up”.

You definitely have control over what goes into your mouth.

Once you embrace that choice, once you look to the Spirit to guide you in it, that’s when you’ll reclaim control over food.


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