How to NOT Eat a Brownie

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2021

We all have those foods. 

Those ones we can’t say no to.

Gooey, Girhadelli brownies are one of mine.  Those and chips and salsa.

But substitute whatever tempts you the most.


I want to tell you how to say “NO” to the brownies (insert your food) and still feel REALLY GOOD!

No deprivation.

Deprivation feels icky.  And when you feel icky, what do you do…


You eat to make yourself feel better.  Even if it’s only for a moment.


Mustering up a “no” to a brownie only to turn around and shovel down 6 cookies IS NOT HELPFUL.

I want to teach you how to say “NO” to the brownie and feel really great doing it so YOU DON’T BINGE later.


Here is one hint first:

It’s not really saying “no”.

Here is why you can’t just say “no” to your favorite food…

You’ll want to rebel.

Yep.  You’ll want to say to yourself, “Forget you, (insert your name here).  You can’t tell me what to do.  I’m going to get my treat whether you like it or not.”

It’s like telling a toddler “no”.  It won’t go well.


So, here is what you are going to say to yourself instead…

That brownie looks really good.  I can see why you want it, (insert your name here).  You can totally have it.  But is that the choice you want to make right now?  Will you be happy with that choice 3 hours from now?  Will that choice lead to a string of bad choices?  So, you don’t really want it, do you?  I get you.  Maybe you can plan for it tomorrow if you’re still thinking about that brownie later.  So, what are you going to do next?


Do I sound crazy to you right now?  That’s okay.  At least my crazy works. 


You don’t have to say these exact words.  Just follow this outline:

  1. Validate how you’re feeling.  (i.e. Yes, it looks good and I want it.)
  2. Let yourself know you have a choice to have it.
  3. Ask yourself a few questions to be intentional about your CHOICE.
  4. Make an empowered choice (By the way, there is no "right" or "wrong" choice.  Only an empowered choice, which means you thought about your decision. You may still choose the brownie...)
  5. Allow for that choice to be different in the future if you CHOOSE that intentionally (i.e. I can put that brownie on my plan for tomorrow)
  6. Move on to what you can do next to get out of hyperfocus (water, fresh air, activity, deep breathing are all options you can do just about anywhere)


I’ve had many clients use this format to say no to their most tempting food and feel EMPOWERED afterward.


You can too.


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