4 Decisions You Have to Make to Lose Weight

Top 20 Ways to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

You aren’t new to the weight loss struggle. 

You’ve tried countless diets and exercise routines. You’ve even been successful at shedding some pounds. 

… but those long-lost pounds seem to keep finding their way back to you and you are just plain tired of this seemingly endless battle. 

Friend, you can lose weight and keep it off by learning the top 20 things that no one tells you about how to truly be successful on your journey. 

This is part 15 of a 20-part blog series that will give you a strong foundation of strategy you need to lose weight, keep it off, and start living the life you were born to live! 

Some of what I share will be opposite of what all the diet gurus tell you, so read on with an open and prayerful mind and let God work on you from the inside out of your health and fitness journey! 

Part 15: 4 Decisions You Have to Make to Lose Weight

“My kids are picky eaters.” 


“I have hypothyroidism.” 


“Obesity runs in my family.” 


“No one in my household will eat healthy food.” 


Can you relate to any of these statements? If so, learning about the four decisions you have to make to lose weight and keep it off is a great place to begin your journey. 


You see friend, while the statements above may very well be true, I’m here today to tell you something that is absolutely pivotal if you are going to shed your unwanted pounds and keep them off. 


Here it goes …. 


Weight Loss is a decision … NOT a reaction. 


I know it sounds counterintuitive but hear me out. You, and thousands of women just like you, are struggling with carrying around unwanted pounds. You feel uncomfortable in your skin. You wish your clothes fit better, or you could fit into clothes you’ve been eyeing for a while. Many times, you may even avoid looking in the mirror to avoid triggering the emotions attached to your unwanted weight. 


This is a real problem, and it’s a common one. There are thousands of programs, pills, plans, and strategies that promise weight loss. And, while many may work, the true success cannot be found in these things alone. 


The true success of losing weight, maintaining the weight loss, and feeling confident in your own skin is found in you. Yes YOU. Specifically, your ability to DECIDE rather than react. 


Success is not found in a diet program alone. It’s found in a lifestyle change. You have to begin thinking about “The Long Term,” and the Long Term is not found in reacting. It’s found in responding to the set of circumstances you are in and understanding that you are not helpless or hopeless when it comes to your weight loss goals. 


Success is found in making a series of choices to RESPOND to: 


… your unique body 

… your unique circumstances 

… your unique situations


The more constantly, consciously, and consistently you make intentional decisions about your health and weight loss, the more you are taking back responsibility. 


There are four simple steps/decisions you have to make to move away from being stuck on your weight loss journey. 


  1. Know what you have control over - While you may not have control over many things in life, you DO have control over your lifestyle choices. Learn what is within your control and take that control back. 
  2. Flesh out the deceptions that are keeping you from the truth - there are many lies to make you believe weight loss is not for you, or it’s just too hard. Those are LIES. Weight loss IS possible, and you can do it. 
  3. Bring the truth into your situation - Remembering the truth about who you are, who God has called you to be, and God’s power to help you on your weight loss journey is critical. You must be intentional in reminding yourself of this truth every day, especially on the days weight loss feels a little harder. 
  4. Practice - You’ve heard practice makes perfect, and there’s truth in it. Every single time you make an intentional decision toward your goals, you become better and better at it. In fact, this is the place where your responses become part of habit and become easier to maintain. 


These four decisions will lead you to feel more empowered, more in control, and more peace.


If you find yourself struggling with any of these four steps, I have a powerful resource that will help you get started on the right track. It’s a 7-Day Devotional called Losing Weight with God. Just click this link and you can download your copy for free.


Begin responding to your weight loss goals TODAY!


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