Choose To Live Abundantly

Dec 02, 2019


I knew a woman.

She was a beautiful woman with a wonderful life.  She lived in a nice town with a great house and worked a good job.

She had one problem with her life, as she saw it.

Her weight.

She was constantly going up and down.  Losing some, gaining it back again.  Usually gaining back more than what she lost.

It frustrated her.

She couldn’t understand why it had to be so hard.

Why did it have to be hard to feel good about yourself?


That was the problem.

It wasn’t her weight.  It was what she told herself

She was telling herself she couldn’t do it.  She was telling herself she struggled with her daughter.  She was telling herself that she wasn’t a good boss. 

She was telling herself she wasn’t good enough… 

It wasn't something she even was really aware of. And, she didn’t want to admit that she was even saying these things about herself. Since she didn't...

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