The Happiest Times of Your Life

I just read an article today. Maybe many of you have read it also since it was floating around on big FB.

It’s titled, The Happiest People Are Those Who Realized That God Is Enough,” written by Rania Naim.

Catchy, right?!

After reading it, it’s not only catchy, it's true.

I am going to stress that I just came off of having a WONDERFUL week last week. I felt GREAT! I truly believe that God knew I need last week to restore after a couple of awful weeks.

Looking back on the week, I know exactly why I felt so great.


Last week, God was enough. It wasn’t a week that I got a whole bunch of things done. Nor was it a week that was filled with a whole bunch of happy events. 

Nothing extraordinary happened. Actually, I had a couple of big disappointments.  

But it was still AWESOME.

How can that be?

The world tells us that to be happy, we have to have good things happen to us. We need to have those brand-new shoes, the perfectly kept house, well-behaved kids, a doting husband, lots of friends, vacations, and the list goes on.

But none of those are actually what make us happy.

I now know this from personal experience.

Some of my happiest moments are not my most “memorable", or Facebook post-worthy.  


My happiest moments are when my thoughts completely align with God.

What do I mean?

It’s like when you had to turn a dial to tune into a radio station. You would turn and turn and finally find a station playing your FAVORITE song. That’s what this is like.

It’s taking that action to turn the dial on my thinking.  I keep turning over thoughts in my head and all of a sudden I hit the right ones that lead me to feel complete love (because God is love). 

When your thoughts are consumed by loving WHAT IS (yourself, your family, your home, your clothes, your job, your circumstance, all of it) RIGHT IN THE MOMENT, that is pure happiness. 

That is pure JOY, my friends.

And YOU get to choose it by tuning into the Holy Spirit inside of you.

It’s not your car, your closet, your weekend plans, or your husband that brings you joy. Those are things outside of you that you can’t control (even though we all try).

No. Joy comes from the inside, from aligning with the Spirit.

Rania writes in her article about she envies others who trust God blindly and live in a steady state of happiness. I quote, “I don’t know how they got there, but I know that this is the ultimate truth, this is how you enjoy your life and this is how you stay calm, strong and patient in times of pain and distress. This is how you heal.”

Well, I know, friend. Quit living a life deceived by the enemy. Take captive of all of Satan’s lies and bring them to God. Let Him give you Truth. The truth that leads to love. Feeling love for everything at the moment.

Let’s bring this around to my favorite thing to coach on, weight loss. What does this all have to do with losing weight?


Do you believe you’ll be happier once you lose weight?


Wrong. You won’t be any happier. You may be satisfied for a short while, but then you realize life is still happening and isn’t that much better when you’re thin. Sin is still present along with all the heartache that goes with it.

Weight loss is not how you “heal,” as Rania writes. It’s not how you enjoy your life more.  It's not how you find happiness.

You enjoy it more with aligning with God. Strength and patience don’t come with losing weight, but with losing the lies the enemy feeds us.

It’s being entirely centered in the presence of God that you find more joy that can then LEAD to weight loss. 

God first. Then lose weight. Resulting in more joy and reflecting the light of Christ to those around you.

Then you will have the happiest moments of your life.


PS There is a skill in managing your thinking and aligning it with God's Truth.  This skill comes easier for some compared to others.  If you need help or guidance, sign up for a free coaching consult with me.  I'd be happy to guide you through this skill so you can practice it in your life.


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