Solve Overeating and Lose Weight For Good

Uncategorized Aug 17, 2020

Let's dive into where we left off last week...

The root of your problem with lasting weight loss:

Why do you eat more fuel than your body needs?
Not what, not how, not when, but WHY.


Weight loss is and isn’t complicated.

Yes, we are all made very unique. That means our bodies thrive, eating, moving, and living in different ways. 

And, that’s why we make it complicated; most of us try to mimic someone else's success, expecting it will work for us.

It isn’t complicated because the extra weight just means excess fuel (food) stored as fat.

If you are overweight, it’s because you have consumed more fuel than your body needs.


No matter how many calories you eat. No matter if you stick to your macros or eat a certain amount of fat.

None of these matters if you have overeaten fuel.



Then why is it so hard to lose weight?


The world tells you it’s about WHAT you eat.

NOT TRUE! (You can eat cake and ice cream and still lose weight. Harder? Yes, but can be done).


It’s about WHY you eat.


  • Why are you overfeeding your body?
  • Why aren’t you listen to your body’s cues of hunger and fullness?
  • Why do you head for the pantry when you’re stressed?
  • Why do you think about food all day until you just can’t help yourself but eat?
  • Why do you look forward to the weekend when you can binge on all your “favorite” foods?



This is why we overeat.


Overeating boils down to three main reasons.

  1. Over hunger.
  2. Over desire.
  3. Emotional Eating.

One or all three may apply to you. But when my clients really start digging into their eating history and current patterns, they find at least one of these reasons.

Let me explain each of these briefly.

Over hunger just means you’re hungry all the time. You’ve trained your body to be a sugar burner. Not on purpose, but by the foods you were eating.

Instead of your body using your stored fat as fuel in times of “fasting”, your body signals hunger to give it a quick and easy source of fuel.

You crave food and give in to that craving. This is over desire. God made our brains to get a little bit of pleasure from food. It creates motivation to eat again.

But the pleasure we get from a carrot is very different than the pleasure we get from a brownie. The more times we reach for the brownies, pizza, or ice cream (or any “food” that is concentrated), the more our brains take notice and create MORE desire for it.
More desire means more cravings, more energy spent thinking about it. It decreased the ability to resist it, leading us to eat more of it.

Lastly, but definitely not least, we over-consume fuel because of our emotions.

We have a stressful day, we down a couple of drinks. We get a promotion; we go out for a steak dinner. We get frustrated by the kids resisting bed; we grab the ice cream. Our child aces their math test; we make their favorite dessert.

Food dulls intense emotions in our bodies.  We aren't practiced at feeling our feelings (I’m right there with you!).  So we turn to substances to resist these God created emotions. Instead of listening and feeling our feelings, we use food to dull and avoid them.


What do you resonate the most with?
Where do you struggle and overconsume fuel?

All three? That’s ok. I think most of us can relate to all three.

There is good news, though! (Don’t you love how God always has good news for us?! So, I like to give you the good news too!)


Every single one of these can be controlled and change by you!


The beautiful gift of free-will means you can choose differently!

With the right tools, you can conquer overeating and lose weight.

Not by extreme restriction or feeling miserable either!

Simple, doable, effective tools that help you change your habits and your lifestyle for good! No more gaining weight and trying the next diet.


If you want to know these tools, I am giving them to you next week.

On August 25, 26, and 27 at 1 pm CST, I will be going LIVE on Facebook to give a 3-day training all about Losing Weight God’s Way.

This training is specifically for Christian women who want to shed at least 15 pounds but want to accomplish this with actions and a mindset that is for Christ.

Not only will I give you the tools to lose weight, but also be incorporating Biblical principles. These will help guide you in renewing your mind and transforming your lifestyle to maintain a healthy, naturally fit temple.

If you haven’t already, join the Event on Facebook HERE.

We’ll see you there!

PS. If you can’t wait for the training and you want the support and accountability to lose the weight now and keep it off, sign up for a Discovery Call. We can discuss the tools you need to lose weight plus keep it off and if coaching is the next step God wants for you. Click HERE.


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