Not Quitting For One Year

Can we celebrate for a minute?


That means I have writing to you all for over a year now!


Three years ago, you never would have got me to believe that I would write that many posts!  Even a year ago, I would have told you,

“Yeah, right.  No way will I do that posts many in a row.  I hate writing.”

I would have said that because I knew I was really good at sabotaging myself.  Actually, I still am good at it.  When I don’t see the results right away, when things get kind of hard, when I don’t believe I’m good at it, when I don’t quite reach my goals…

I quit.

Then, I think something is wrong with me.  That I’m the only one that can’t follow through.  That I'm not good at anything.  That it must just be easier for those “other” people.


But those are all lies.


We all struggle. 

And we ALL sabotage ourselves.  Maybe not all in the same ways or to the same degrees, but we all do it.

Self-sabotage is when people get in their own way despite their best intentions.

We want to do better.  We feel God pulling us to something greater. 

But life gets tough.  Things happen.  Excuses become easier. 

We quit.

Then we look back and wonder why we haven’t really accomplished anything we have set out to do.


It’s actually a pretty simple answer.

To feel better. 

We think we will feel better if we quit.

Crazy, right?! 

Usually, we start towards a goal so that we can improved, grow and FEEL BETTER.  Then we quit because it gets hard and we aren’t feeling better yet.  We tell ourselves things like…

  • It shouldn’t take this long
  • This is too hard
  • It’s not worth it
  • It’s not in the cards for me
  • This isn't God's plan for my life

I’m calling us all out!  These are lies.  And where do lies come from?  Satan. 

We are believing the enemy. 


When we participate in self-sabotage, we are allowing the enemy to scale a full-blown attack.  We are not holding fast to God’s promises and trusting in His timing.  We are using our free-will, the gift that God gave us, against ourselves.

Age old story, huh?


Here is the craziest part.  We don’t even bother to bring enough awareness to this all.  It’s happening mostly subconsciously.  We make these decisions and take actions without really taking the time to analyze and figure out the reason why.  

And then we wonder why we keep repeating the same pattern.


I found this write-up the other day at,  I have to share an excerpt.

“In our desire to mature as Christians we see and acknowledge that our goals in life need us to grow and need us to change.  Meanwhile, our programmed and habitual responses in life like us just as we are and fight against our goals to maintain a sense of equilibrium.  Now, this sense of equilibrium is probably not balanced at all, it just feels that way because our subconscious self is doing its job of protecting us from what it perceives as potential hurt embarrassment and failure.”


Here is the take away: subconsciously we THINK we will feel better if we just go back to doing what we have always been doing even if what we are doing is not helpful, maybe even harmful

Or another way to put it, the enemy is feeding us lies that we have CHOSEN to accept so that he can keep us stuck right where we are at. Y

our choice may be subconscious now, but at one time, you made the decision to believe Satan.  Now, you just keep repeating the consequences of that very old choice without consciously making a new choice!


Really?  Isn't time to bring some awareness to the cycle of self-destruction you're in?  Isn't time to make some new choices for yourself?

What could change, how could life be better if you learn to completely follow though?  If you never quit on yourself?

Because God isn't quitting on you.

Think about that...


Here’s the good news! 

You can make a new choice!  

You can learn how to attain any goal that God is calling you to by just not getting in your own way.


How do you exactly stop self-sabotaging and quitting on yourself?

I've got some step by step actions for you to take.  But, that’s for next week’s blog post.  I’ll tell you all about when I was about to quit on myself, what I did to combat my self-sabotage and what it would have cost me if I would have completely self-sabotaged myself.


Until then, will you share a little love with me?  Will you share a blog post of mine that you have enjoyed on Facebook?  Let me know any take-away you've gained.  


PS.  If you find yourself in a self-sabotage cycle, I can help.  Sign up for a free consultation and lets get you out of quitting and into following through on yourself!  Click HERE to sign up!


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