Myths About "Thin" Women

Uncategorized Jan 18, 2021

The following are MYTHS about what “thin” women do:

  • Never eat sweets
  • Exercise almost daily
  • Spend a lot of time prepping their food
  • Never stuff themselves at a meal
  • Happy all the time


What do you think? 

Have you ever thought these about a friend or coworker?

Have you ever said, “It must be nice to be them since they don’t have to worry about their weight.”

This is what I have found out about “thin” women:

They eat food to fuel their bodies the majority of the time.

That’s it.

After talking to a lot of thin women, they just don’t stress about food.  Actually, they hardly think about it.

BUT, they still are as lazy as we are.  They still have their ups and downs (even about their bodies).


The only difference is they look at food differently.

That’s the hardest part to change when you are trying to lose weight.

Because for years you have used food to bust through the boredom and tiredness. 

You have used it as a way to try to make yourself feel better.

It may have even been used as a way to belong.


You can change your mind though.  You can choose to look at food differently.

Some hard work with the right tools and you can be on your way to your natural weight.


Not because life will be “better” when you get there, but because you know God wants GOOD for your life.  And feeling good will create more “good” in the world.


The thing is, “thin” women aren’t better than you or happier than you.  They are not more worthy or valuable to God’s kingdom.

They just understand and use food for what it is and have a whole host of other issues 😉


Don’t idol the body you dream of or the person you wish you were.  God doesn’t want that either.

Just focus on the goodness of God’s plan for your life and keep moving forward, working towards a healthy relationship with food.


That's what I help my clients do daily, focus on God, and change their relationship with food and themselves.  

What do you think? Are you ready to look at food as fuel and regain your self-control?

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