I Thought You Don’t Do “Diets”: No Flour/ No Sugar

Uncategorized Sep 07, 2020

"So, I saw you're doing no flour/no sugar. I thought I have heard you say you don't do "diets." Why are you promoting this diet?"

This is what someone asked me last week.

Let me explain.

There are two types of diets.

We are all on the first kind of diet. This diet is just a way, a pattern of consuming fuel.

The other diet has come from the weight loss industry. That diet is a particular selection of food, especially as designed or prescribed, to improve a person's physical condition (dictionary.com).

One is a lifestyle. The other is a set of rules.


When I coach women to lose weight, I help them with their dietNOT as a prescribed set of rules though.  I don't tell them what they need to eat/drink, I just give them information to make their own choices. My main goal is to support them in making small lifestyle changes that they love, maintain, and promote a healthy weight.


Most people think of no flour/ no sugar as a set of rules to lose weight. They focus on what they can't have so they can achieve a number on the scale.

This is NOT what no flour/ no sugar is about.


I have been on a no flour/ no sugar diet, and I NEVER FELT BETTER. I had more energy and fewer aches and pains ever. Like, I can't even think of a time in high school even.

And I continued eating this way for a long while. Yes, I would allow myself both of these from time to time, but they were planned, and I felt good about my choices.


Lately, this has not been the case. I noticed I was overeating more than usual. I noted that I had more cravings for sweet foods. While I still wasn't eating a lot of flour and sugar, I found that I was letting myself have it unplanned and not feeling good about my choices.

Then, for three nights straight, I over-indulged on cookies, ice cream, chocolate, etc. I would go to bed with a stomach ache and wake up with a feeling like I just drank a whole bottle of wine the night before.


That was the breaking point. I knew I had to get my mind back on track and to feel better.


I decided to get back to the lifestyle that I LOVED. Get back to feeling healthy, energized, and not like I'm 70 years old.


But why document my no flour/no sugar month for everyone to see?

Because I want you all to know it's possible.

  • It's not "hard" until we make it hard.
  • It can totally be a lifestyle you can maintain.
  • It's not about what you can't have as much as what God has blessed us with that we CAN and WANT to have for our temples.

My goal isn't a certain number on the scale. My worth isn't tied to the gravitational pull on my body.

My goal is to get back to loving this temple God gave me and fueling it with God-given food. From that, I know I will feel so much better and live out God's good plan for my life.

That's why I am doing no flour/ no sugar.


Here is what I want to leave you with. It was a process to let go of turning my focus from weight to nourishing my body so I could serve better.

You may not be there yet. That's ok.

But that doesn't mean no flour/no sugar won't benefit you.

Here are some changes from one week into no flour/no sugar if you want to concrete evidence…

4 pounds down. Now, I know this is mainly water weight, but it came at quite a surprise to me. I'm pretty sure I won't lose much if any more, so don't be worried about me, my friend.

WARNING: This kind of weight loss may not happen for you. Just about every one of my clients that stick to reducing their flour and sugar doesn't lose weight for the first two weeks. It's NORMAL and expected. Just because the weight doesn't melt off doesn't mean something is wrong or not working.

½ inch lost from the measurement around my belly. My pants feel so much better already.

I was able to run for the first time all summer. Seriously, I haven't been able to run. It's felt like my legs are logs. Having the energy and strength to just go for a short jog felt SOOO good!

We are now on night 5 of sleeping through the night without waking! This summer, I was in a pattern of waking up in the middle of the night. Not any more!

My headaches are subsiding. I was having daily headaches. Last week, I only took a pain reliever once (headaches still happen when an hour drive turns into a three-hour drive because your car keeps overheating).


There you go. Maybe I have convinced you, but perhaps I haven't.

I do hope you think more about shifting your mind around food, your goals, and why. Don't do something just because you want to lose weight and look good. Don't go in with the mindset that you'll only eat this way until you've reached your goal.

Instead, please, think about how you want to LIVE. How you want to take care of your temple. What taking care of the temple will mean for you and your family.

Make changes that make biblical sense, that you can maintain, that you LOVE.

If you're curious about how my month of no flour/no sugar, catch the latest in my Instagram and Facebook stories.

Until next week friends!


PS. I'm really good at helping Christian women renew their minds around food and their bodies. Not only that but helping them transform their lifestyle to one they love and can maintain a healthy weight with. If you're looking for that, sign up for a Discovery Call by clicking HERE. I can't wait to help you!


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