I Deserve A Treat

Uncategorized Sep 21, 2020

“It’s been a long, rough day. I need a treat.”

You proceed to your chocolate stash. You know the one.  The secret place the kids can’t reach, and your husband wouldn’t find because it’s behind the big mixing bowl that he never uses.  

Then you grab one, no, actually it’s a three-chocolate kind of day.  

Off to the couch, you sit. 

You scroll through your FB feed. 

You’re about to open Instagram, but you realize the chocolate you took is gone already. Really?! You deserve one more after the day you’ve had. Up, you hop and grab two more.

Oops! A little one saw you put something in your mouth. 



Is this just me?

No? Oh, good! Can you relate?



I thought I was the only one the enemy was whispering this LIE too.


Because that’s what it is. 

It’s a lie. “I deserve a treat.”  

A lie the enemy loves to have you believe so that you keep turning to food rather than God.

It seems innocent enough.

There is nothing outright evil about it.

But that’s how Satan works. 

He uses deception. Half-truths. That way, we believe the lies faster and act on them sooner.


So, let’s break this lie down, “I deserve a treat.”


What is true about it? 

There are treats. They taste good. They make us feel good for a moment. Plus, they are usually easily accessible.


What is not true?

What you actually deserve

Have some sober judgment here and ask yourself what you really deserve after a “long, hard” day...

Not what do you want or need, what do you deserve?

Before Jesus, the answer would be judgment. My guess is that you were not perfect that day. You sinned. So, you deserved punishment.

Lucky for us, we know Jesus. 

So, what do we deserve? Nothing. 

We’ve been wiped clean, so we deserve nothing but knowing the goodness of God that He brought you through that “long, hard” day.

What is the best way to know His goodness?  

Rest. Stillness.

That’s what we NEED after a long, hard day. But the enemy tricks us into thinking FOOD will be the answer. Food will be better than rest and being with God.  


This one little lie. 

Seems innocent. I still catch myself saying it sometimes.

But I’m here to warn you and remind you to take it captive. Please bring it to Christ. Let Him show you how it keeps you stuck and disappointed. How it stops you from living in confidence in Christ.

Until next week… go get what you need, not what you deserve!


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