Deciding to Lose Weight... What you NEED to know as a Christian!

Uncategorized Jan 22, 2024

There is no other option.

That’s what the word decide means.

I think we get the word decide confused with “try” or “test”.

But it’s not.

It has the same ending as homicide and genocide… basically to “kill off”.  

When you are deciding you are killing off all other options.

Weight loss is a decision you make EVERY DAY to kill off all other options.

If you wake up in the morning and make this DECISION very deliberately (that means you don’t just try), you will have more success in getting to your goals.

So what does this practically look like?

Upon waking, you say a verse, meditate in prayer, or read your Bible (you don't have to do all three...) giving your day to God.  Then you pray over your day and the decision you are making with God to honor your temple. 

This simple step can take as little as 1 minute.

Then (as I recommend to my clients) you are going to remind yourself and put your attention toward 3 things… all before you take on any other tasks of the day.

  1. Why?  Why lose weight?  What do you hope to obtain?  How do you want to be feeling? What is the importance of it?
  2. What will have I to lay down at Jesus’ feet today to care for my body well?  What will I have to say “no” to with love, and “yes” to with joy?
  3. Make a plan for what you are going to eat for the day.  Go to the extent of looking in the fridge to make sure you have the ingredients and going to the websites of restaurants to pick out what you are going to order.  Don’t just say, “I’ll figure it out” or “I think I’ll have this”Make a DECISON ahead of time so you're not arguing with your brain about having or not having the burger and fries at dinner.    

If your brain wants to offer you that you don’t have enough time to do this every morning, call out the lie.  

This whole process will take you no more than 10 minutes but once you're good at it, maybe 5.  

How many minutes do you spend on Facebook?  How many hours have you spent spinning in your head about how you hate how you look and feel? 

Take that time and use it to support yourself and make progress toward your goals.

Take that time to DECIDE, kill off the option, of continuing the same way you have been.

Comment below with what you need to lay down at  Jesus’ feet to take care of your body well today.


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