What Might You Lose? {I'm not talking about weight...}

Uncategorized Jan 08, 2024

I bet you’re thinking, “Oh, weight loss coach trying to have us dream big… talking about how much weight I could lose…”

No. Not today.

I don’t know how much weight you could lose.  Every BODY is different.  But, that’s a whole other post.

Instead, I rather focus on…

What could you lose OUT on in your future? 

The new year is a good time to reflect.

Honestly, I don’t set goals in the New Year.  I set new goals once I achieve a goal or God directs me elsewhere.  Just because a new year begins doesn’t mean either one of these things has happened.

Often, I find myself at the new year REEVALUATING.

Yes, my goals AND reevaluating if what I am doing is getting me closer to my goals or not.

I think this time of year is the perfect time to reflect and renew GOING forward.

So, let’s focus there.


Well, I take 3 steps.  Take them or leave them.  I’m not going to suggest I’m some authority on this topic because I’m not.

I haven’t achieved every goal I’ve set and I’m not some “super successful” influencer.

But, I do have one thing that I’m really good at that gives me some insight into this topic.

I don’t give up.

I just always keep going.

Which really means I never truly fail.

Yes, I have failures along the way.  But the only way to completely fail is to give up.  Well, maybe it’s that stubborn German in me, but I just won’t do that.

Let’s get back to the 3 steps.

  1. Count the cost of staying where you are and what you’re doing right now.
  2. Imagine the benefits of changing and reaching your goal.
  3. Examine how the future you, the one that has achieved the goal thinks, feels, acts differently than you do now.

Okay, let’s break these down a bit more so you understand why they are so powerful at continuing to move forward.

One, count the cost of staying where you are and continuing to do what you’re doing right now.

What will happen in 2 years?  How about five?  What might come about 10 years… 20 years?

The decisions you make today are continually affecting your tomorrow.  You may not see the effects in a day, a week, or even a year… but small choices accumulate.

You’ve seen it.

That’s why you might have that “ring” around your stomach area.  It wasn’t one cookie.  It was the hundreds that you’ve said yes to over the last few years.

Food choices don’t only affect your waistline.  What about your health?  And if your health declines, what does that mean for your quality of life?  How will that affect your relationships?

If you really look at the choices you are making daily, are they pointing you in the direction you want to be going?

If not, looking at the cost is a powerful way to motivate yourself to re-adjust.

Two, imagine the benefits of changing and reaching your goal.

Yes, change is hard at times, but will it be worth the uncomfortable cost?

Get VERY clear on this.

You just looked at the costs of not changing.  It’s time to give equal air time to what positive things might come from change.

Look at the same questions as in number one, because these changes won’t only affect a number on a scale.

How will these changes affect your health?  If you have better health, what will change about your quality of life?  What could you start doing that you may have always dreamed of?  How might it affect your relationships?

Again, writing clear answers to this question can bring A LOT of motivation to take the steps of change.

Three, examine future you.

See, the future you, that one that has lost weight, feels confident in the body God gave her, and has more peace around food…

The only way she got there is by you making small lifestyle changes that are just second nature to her now.

I know, right now it seems really hard and overwhelming to plan your meals.  I get it.

But future you, she doesn’t even realize that she’s doing it anymore.

Only because you decided to KEEP GOING and practice it.

That’s how you continue to move forward.  When you have a plan.

That plan is right in front of you when you break down how the future you is different than you now.

Then you take one change and make it deliberately.  Practice it.

Once that one feels easier, you move on to the next.

Keep doing this, you’ll get to your goal… or maybe something even better that God has in store for you.

Then, you won’t have to count the cost…

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

To those who use well what they are given, even more will be given, and they will have an abundance. But from those who do nothing, even what little they have will be taken away. Matthew 25:29


P.S. In the Encouraging Christian Weight Loss Facebook Group, I have resources and steps you can take to “use what you’ve been given” wisely.  Come and join in with an AMAZING group of ladies who will support you on your weight loss journey! 


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