Complaining: Making It Harder to Lose Weight

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2021

The experts say the average person complains 30 times per day.

I didn’t think I complained that much, so I monitored myself for a day.

Those experts were right.  Actually, I think it might be more.

I complain all day long.

It astounded me a little.

I consider myself a fairly positive person and yet…

I complained about having to shovel snow, my computer being too slow, picking up my son’s legos, and FB for not allowing me to underline, all within a 20-minute window.

Complaining feels like I am just talking about reality.  But it’s not.  It’s the story I’m telling myself about the world.

I could have admired the new snowfall, taken the moments for my computer to reboot to read, enjoyed making my own Lego creation or been in awe of that fact I can even communicate in a way for hundreds to see.

But I didn’t.

I focused on what was wrong.


And that focus, it makes us feel terrible.

There is no upside to it.

It takes challenges and makes them even more painful.


When we make things more challenging, that is when we become INCONSISTENT.


Women are constantly “complaining” to me about how they are “good” for a day or two and then fall off their plan to lose weight. 

They tell me they just would like more consistency.

Well, maybe we should be making things easier, rather than harder for ourselves.


My coach recently encouraged me to complete a 24-hour complaining fast.  She pointed out that complaining is disempowered language that is re-enforcing a victim mentality

(That's a lot of coach speak for the fact that it keeps me from choosing positive actions and thus creating results I don’t wantwhich is what I’m complaining about).


I didn’t make it past 5 hours.

So, I’m vowing to keep trying...

To be inconsistent in complaining so I can be consistent in my positive choices.

Will you join me?

Are you ready to make your daily life a easier so you can be consistent in following through on POSITIVE actions (i.e. losing weight)? 

Do you know you need more than just diets and exercise routines? 

Perfect.  That's what I specialize in.  

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