Black and White Weight Gain

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2021

“15 pea pods.  1 tsp of ranch.  1 oz of cashews.  That’s my snack.  No more, no less.  This is what my calories allow for today.”

Have you ever done this?

Have you ever measured/ counted/ tracked minute details about your food?

How about when you went over your calorie count, had a few too many grams of sugar, or struggled to find the right food that fit your macros?   Did you say…

“Forget it.  I screwed up.  I’m done for today.  Tomorrow I’ll start over and get it right’.”


Oh yes...

That all-or-none thinking plagues so many of us. 

You know what I mean…

“If I don’t do it perfectly, why do it at all?”


I want you to think back to what happens to you when you think this way.

  • Do you make good choices after you’ve “screwed up”?
  • Is it easy to start again the next day?
  • Are you consistently moving towards where your goal when keep falling “off track”?
  • How do you feel about yourself?


Here is my guess… you tend to binge after a mess up or twoAfter one binge, it turns into three to four days of binging and eating junk. 

Finally, you’ve had enough binging so you eat regularly again, but you don’t eat “healthy” because that’s just too hard.  So, you either maintain the weight you’re at or gain. 

Since you can’t seem to lose or stay consistent, you beat yourself up about all the ways you’ve “failed”.


Am I right?

If so, it’s time to start living in the grey zone.


Yep, the grey zone.  It’s not black.  It’s not white.  It’s grey.  Grey can be really good.

Grey means GRACE.  It means accepting that you’re human and YOU screw up. 

But even though you fall short sometimes, IT’S OKAY! God’s got you.

  He’s always giving you a solution, a way to do better.

You just have to be open to listening to the solution.

But it’s pretty hard to listen for the solution when you’re beating yourself up.


The enemy wants to drown out the Spirit. 

He wants you to believe that if you don’t live up to the impossible standards you've set, you've failed… which you make mean that you’re a FAILURE. He wants to make you feel defeated and distracted.

That’s how HE KEEPS YOU STUCK and miserable.


It stems from you believe these two lies from the enemy:

  1. I can’t control this.
  2. I don’t care.


See, if you believe that you can’t control the urge to eat, that means you’ll give in every time that desire for food comes your way. 

And if you believe that once you give in to that desire, you give up caring, then you won’t learn from the misstep; which results in you just repeating the same pattern over and over and not taking the time to care.


In the next two weeks, we’re going to dive into these two lies and how to combat them.  You have all the tools, you just need to know how to utilize them.

Check back next week.  But in the meantime…


Ditch the counting, measuring, and tracking. It just leads to more black and white thinking.

Instead, ask yourself one simple question over and over again throughout the day:

“Why am I choosing to have FUEL (food) right now?”

See what you come up with.

I promise it will help you start living in the grey zone.


Exciting news! The next challenge is scheduled to begin on April 5th, just in time for spring!  As nature is emerging, budding, and growing, so will you!

Don't miss this challenge.  You'll be losing weight, building confidence, caring for your body, and ENJOYING the whole process.  No more deprivation.  Just empowered decisions with food, with life...


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