Being Thin Will Not Bring you Joy

Uncategorized Dec 01, 2022

Top 20 Ways to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

You aren’t new to the weight loss struggle. 

You’ve tried countless diets and exercise routines. You’ve even been successful at shedding some pounds. 

… but those long-lost pounds seem to keep finding their way back to you and you are just plain tired of this seemingly endless battle. 

Friend, you can lose weight and keep it off by learning the top 20 things that no one tells you about how to truly be successful on your journey. 

This is part 13 of a 20-part blog series that will give you a strong foundation of strategy you need to lose weight, keep it off, and start living the life you were born to live! 

Some of what I share will be opposite of what all the diet gurus tell you, so read on with an open and prayerful mind and let God work on you from the inside out of your health and fitness journey! 

Part 13: Being Thin Will Not Bring you Joy

This headline seems absolutely crazy! I know! But it’s true. 


Being thin will NOT bring you the joy you are looking for. 


Don’t tune out on me, keep reading and you will understand why I say this statement and why it’s true now and will forever be true. 


If you are anything like the many women I serve through Christian Life Coaching, you have daydreamed about the day you will step on the scale and see your goal weight appear. You imagine what it would be like to dress up in your ideal outfit that you know would look absolutely fantastic on you at this goal weight. With this ideal number you’ve sought after for so long, you believe it will come with joy, confidence, and all the feel-goods every woman longs to have in her life. 


Don’t get me wrong here, friends. As you see the number on the scale decreasing and inching closer and closer to your goal, you will have joy. You will gain confidence. You’ll be proud of yourself and feel good about how you look in the mirror. That much is true. 


Where this statement takes a veer off course is WHEN you reach your ideal goal weight. The excitement you felt with every pound decrease and with every new outfit will slowly begin to fade. The thing you chased after will no longer have the appeal it once did, simply because your once goal will become your new norm. 


With this new norm, your positive self-talk will also begin to sound different. Instead of being outstandingly proud of yourself for what you’ve accomplished, you will settle into a frame of mind that believes you look and feel “fine.” Eventually, you will begin to see flaws once again and continue into a spiraled frenzy of self-doubt. 


You see, many of you have lost weight before. Some have even successfully reached their goal weight … but just weren’t able to keep it off. 


If that’s you, you are who I’m talking to. 


Losing weight is great. Seeing the number on the scale decrease is amazing. Fitting into new clothes and having more energy is outstanding.


I’m all for taking care of your temple and helping it be the healthiest it possibly can be. But, this alone is not enough. 


If you embark upon a weight loss journey with the false ideal in mind that losing weight, seeing the scale reach a lower number, and fitting into cute clothes are the creators and sustainers of joy - this is where you are veering off course. 


But you can easily get right back on course. 


It’s important to understand that losing fat off your body does not directly link to your internal joy and confidence. HOW YOU FEEL about losing weight does directly link to your internal joy and confidence. 


The not-so-secret secret to losing weight and keeping it off is ensuring that while you work diligently to transform your body, you also work diligently to transform your mind. Chasing a number on the scale is not the solution. 


You must clean out the lies your mind speaks to you and decide what you are going to believe based on what God says to be true about you. 


You must believe … 


You are whole. 


You are loved. 


You are enough. 


You are vitally important. 


I have just the thing to get you started on your journey! I’ve created an amazing and FREE tool to help you learn how to easily step out of leaning into your willpower and lean into self-control. It’s a 7-day devotional called Losing Weight with God.


Grab your Losing Weight with God Devotional HERE. As a Christian Weight Loss Life Coach, I’ve helped women just like you reclaim self-control over food and find joy in the life God created for them. I know this devotional will help you transform your body and your mind! 


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