5 Unexpected Mood Boosters for Christian Moms Combatting Emotional Eating

Uncategorized Aug 24, 2020


I don’t know how to start this post. Just being honest.

There might be a chance I have written this as more of a reminder to myself...

Even so, these are really helpful for you too!

Let’s just dive in….


Write Out Scripture

Did you know writing sharpens the brain and increases comprehension

Have you ever noticed that when you’re reading scripture, your mind starts to wander, and you end up re-reading passages over and over again?

Writing aids in the solution to this problem.

By fully engaging the brain with writing, we can grasp concepts and Truths from the Bible that we may miss by just reading.

Besides the learning and memory with writing, when it comes to self-care, writing slows us down and calms us.

It activates the part of the brain that helps us focus and “de-clutter” our thoughts. It has even been compared to meditation when it comes to the calming effect it has on our emotions



This is the one that is hardest for me to get started (because I am a really terrible dancer) but probably one of the best mood boosters out there.

Dancing to uplifting, God-centered music is really just a form of praise and worship.  Worship has so many mood-boosting effects.

Also, it’s moving your body, releasing endorphins, thus leaving you FEELING GOOD and having the mental focus to make clearer decisions.

Grabbing your kids adds the extra benefits of positive thoughts and creating joyful memories. 

In no time, you all will be laughing and getting those feel-good hormones running!

Music, an essential piece to dancing, just adds to the benefits of dance. According to psychology today, “The enjoyment of music appears to involve the same pleasure center in the brain as other forms of pleasure, such as food, sex, and drugs.”

God designed our bodies to move and be in rhythm to the beautiful sounds that glorify Him.


Clean a LITTLE clutter

For all my overachievers out there… start SMALL.

Clean out a small closet or drawer, unsubscribe to 5 automated emails and delete 5 more, throw five things away in the fridge and wipe down a shelf or empty your purse.

These small tasks give you a little dopamine hit and make you feel accomplished. It also produces more focus and positive thoughts about yourself.

Have you heard the phrase, “More mess more stress”?

Studies have proven this to be true. An increase in clutter actually increases cortisol, a stress hormone. Clutter can also affect your ability to focus, your sleep, and your anxiety level. It triggers unhealthy coping strategies, like grabbing junk food. 



Let your body reset and learn how to retrain your thoughts towards God rather than your physical body.

I don’t recommend starting with this one, though. Unless you have been working on your thinking when it comes to food and hunger, this may produce more negative emotions rather than positive ones.  

This is why I suggest intermittent fasting for some of my clients: clinical studies have found that fasting was accompanied by an increased level of attentiveness and mood improvement. 

The gospels record Jesus fasting for 40 days before undergoing an intense confrontation with Satan (Matthew 4:1-11; Luke 4:1-13). His own words reveal that the purpose of His fasting was to draw near to God for help. 

This is why fasting is beneficial to us. It draws us nearer to God. When we are nearer to God, when we can feel the Spirit in us, we have more power, love, and self-control.

Fasting well also requires a healthy diet in times of feeding. If you’re eating processed food that is void of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your body needs, fasting will magnify those deficiencies. From that void, your body will signal more food, thus eating more fuel than your body needs.


Be a FRIEND to yourself.

This one might sound a little silly. That’s ok. Hear me out.  

Think about a true sister in Christ. One that you can be open and honest with. How does she speak to you?

Now talk to yourself in this same matter. Speak truth and life in your mind. Take captive of every thought that does not align with Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5).

What you say to yourself affects how you feel. Often, how you feel determines what you will do and how you will show up in this world.  

If you’re saying to yourself you have no self-control, you’re fat and unworthy, that feels TERRIBLE

When we don’t feel good, we seek out anything that will make us feel better.

Food is one of the most readily available drugs that can give us that quick dopamine hit that makes us feel better in the moment. The unfortunate part, it doesn’t last and has rotten long-term consequences.

So, speak life to YOURSELF. Let yourself know you are loved, precious, and worth TAKING CARE OF.


Thanks for stopping by, my friend. I appreciate you being here and reading this.

Please feel free to add a comment below if you have another unexpected mood booster you’d like to share.


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