The Five Health "Rules" I Break as a Health Coach: Everything in Moderation

Jul 15, 2019

For 5 weeks, I am breaking down the top five “health rules” that I BREAK. 

One thing that I pray for you is that you never take any person’s opinion as fact.  While some of these “rules” might work for you, I would say the majority of people it is actually hurting rather than helping them.  Even when I tell you my opinion, you need to decide for yourself if you will benefit from this or not.  You need to test it out by applying it to your life, listen to how your body reacts and then by making YOUR OWN DECISION.

Last week’s rule was EAT WHEN YOU’RE HUNGRY.  I’d love to hear your opinions so don’t forget to stop by my Facebook page and leave questions or comments!


This week is one I am sure to ruffle a few feathers about:



Seems logical right?  Paul does write, “Everything is permissible for me” in 1 Corinthians 6:12a.  We can eat anything we...

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Eat What I Say, Not What I Eat!

Feb 18, 2019

**If you would like to listen to this blog post, scroll to the bottom for the audio version.


You want to talk about insanity?  Insanity is trying to get a toddler to eat brussel sprouts.  Truest form of the definition.

I have a client that I adore. She was telling me how she wanted lunches to go a little smoother with her toddler and preschooler. Every day she would put all this pressure on herself to make lunches and dinners that her kids would eat. The issue was that she always wanted them to check off all of the boxes of being “healthy” (i.e. what experts tell us we NEED to feed our kids so they don't shrivel up and die). 

This was causing her stress.

She just wanted her children to eat well and grow strong. I think she believed it was solely on her shoulders and if she didn't follow through; she'd mess up her kiddos.

I asked her, “Did you eat healthy all the time growing up?” She answered, “Well, no. But we know so much...

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