Stop the "Stuckness" and GO with Intention

Aug 26, 2019


Who is ready for back to school?!

Maybe you have already sent your kids back or will in the next week or so.  My kiddos don't get back into the "grind" of school until after Labor Day.



As much as I have LOVED my summer and my kids being home, I am looking forward to having a “normal” routine again. 

My kids… not so much.  They all like school.  It's not pulling teeth to get them to go, but they enjoy all the fun activities and vacations summer brings.  They enjoy the warm weather and playing outside.  They enjoy using their time as they please.  To them, it feels like they are giving that all up.


I had a conversation with my kiddos about this the other day.  They were complaining about having to go back to school and missing out on sleeping in and swimming every day.  I reminded them that this wasn’t actually what they did every day.  A lot of days were...

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Shut-Down Autopilot and Turn On Intention with Your Morning Routine

Jun 03, 2019


**If you would like to listen to this blog post, scroll to the bottom for the audio version.


I find that a lot people live their lives inadvertently.

Would you agree?


The most common answer I get when I ask my clients just about any question is, I don’t know.

They don’t know …

  • how or why they are overweight
  • what they are thinking
  • why they picked this job, husband, house, etc.
  • who can help them
  • what they plan to do next

Sure, they may come up with a few excuses.  In the end, most of them concede to the fact that they didn’t really take the time to think about it.  They just did.


I had a friend who wanted to start getting up earlier.  I asked her why? She said, “I don’t know.  That’s what healthy people do.  They get up earlier to work out and do stuff.

She might as well keep sleeping with that reasoning.


Her goal was to lose weight.  I told her, “...

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