Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

May 13, 2022

Are you tired of counting calories obsessively and not losing weight? 

You aren’t alone in this seemingly endless battle. 

Decades have brought a consistent stream of diet fads that teach counting calories, measuring food, reading food labels, and living and breathing by trackers and apps are the only ways to slim down and love the body you are in. 

These methods may work for some for a short period of time; however, usually lead to creating a pattern of yo-yo dieting and an unhealthy fixation with food being either your source of joy or your source of anxiety. 

You can lose weight and keep it off without all of the tracking, measuring, and calorie counting when you learn to fully function within the amazing body God created for you. 

Stop Counting Calories, Start Embracing the Awesomeness of Your Body

Your body is an amazing creation. 

Yes, your body! 

God formed you in His image and breathed life into you. You carry the DNA of the mighty,...

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