Visualization: Rehearsing for Your Future

Aug 12, 2019


I was an ice skater when I was young.  No, I was not good, but I enjoyed it anyway.  It still perplexes me because I DESPISE cold.  Yet, I would go to a COLD rink every week and freeze for hours on end.  That’s beside the point though....

At the end of every season we had a big show.  During the show you would skate in a group to a song that fit some sort of them.  The week/weekend leading up to the show we would have dress rehearsals.  I LOVED DRESS REHEARSALS!  It was so fun because we still got to skate and practice our routines in our costumes (super awesome!) but we didn’t actually have a large audience.  If we screwed up, nobody really cared.  That was the best part about it.  There was no pressure.  In my mind, the rehearsals were better than the show. 


Too bad we don’t have more dress rehearsals now.  It’s a bummer that we don’t get ourselves ready and...

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