I Don't Measure Up

Sep 09, 2019


I ran a Ragnar a couple of weeks ago. If you have no knowledge about a Ragnar, let me fill you in. It is a long-distance race that is ran by a team of runners- any runner crazy enough will do! Each runner completes a different leg of the race, with someone running both day and night for two days, completing the distance of approximately 200 miles.

About a month before the race I wanted to back out.  All the unknowns and fears about the race almost stopped me from being a part of this amazing experience.

Yes. Now that I’m done, I can say it was pretty amazing.

My teammates were awesome and I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.  On top of that, the sense of accomplishment is overwhelming….

Until it wasn’t.

During the race I was surrounded by all these remarkable people.  They complete some pretty hard things.  Many of them have ran marathons while raising 5 kids, working a full-time job, volunteering for their local food shelter,...

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