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Before coaching, I tried intuitive eating, but that just gave me an excuse to eat whatever I wanted. One of my friends shared a post of Amanda, so I started following her and eventually messaged her.

I hadn't lost any weight in the few years I had been trying. I had paid for Shakeology, Juice Plus, Plexus and personal trainers in the past so I was nervous investing in losing weight again. It was different with Amanda though. Her support, accountability and method of coaching was much more individualized and focused. It was just someone telling me to buy a product and use it.

Here are my results:⬇️ 60 lbs. (208.6 - 148.6)⬇️ 10" lost from my waist

It still surprises me when I try on clothes that I need a smaller size. 

Life looks different, but easy to maintain. I am more intentional about what, when and how I eat. I move my body with out feeling like I “have to”.

I've loved working with Amanda. She's helped me through life obstacles more than my therapist has! Her insights really get to the issue.

Life is a journey, but I’m so glad I got to walk with Amanda on it.  I recommend you ask Amanda on your journey!

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