But it's even harder when we take God out of it.

It's frustrating to start a diet and only to lack the self-control to follow through to reach your goal, much less stay there.

What you want is a clear, concise and simple plan to help you shed the weight and maintain it! 

It can't take a lot of time or require a lot of extra knowledge. You need that time to focus on more important things.

That is why I want to give you the...

Daily Action Plan for Christian women, ready to take care of their temple and lose 15 pounds.


Begin taking action on these steps now and soon you'll be shedding pounds and growing even closer to God through it all!

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Simple, Clear and Actionable Steps

Nothing crazy, unreasonable or takes a lot of time.  No.  Real-life steps you can start taking today.

Rooted In God's Word

The fruit of self-control comes from the Spirit. We need God first and foremost when learning to care for our temples.

Proven Effective For Lasting Weight Loss

Forget the short-term, quick fixes of most weight loss solutions.  Take the right steps for lasting weight loss.